Carson: five months old

Happy five months, sweet girl! You are a joy to be around and we get comments all the time about how happy you are. It's really fun to see you learn new things and really starting to take in your environment. 
 Here is what Carson is up to at five months:
Weight: about 15.5 pounds
Length: 27.5 in
Wearing mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothing now and size 2 diapers. It's starting to get pretty chilly here, so I have packed up most of her summer clothes. 
Still eats every 3 hours during the day, the last of which is at 8pm and still sleeping great!
Naps 3x/day -- she decided she no longer needs an evening nap, but when it's bedtime we all know it! ;)
She still does most of the same "tricks" -- rolling over, blowing raspberries, giggles. She is definitely learning more every day, though and is quite fascinated by hands and beards.
She really is a happy baby, but when she is done with something, she very clearly communicates that! 
She is wonderful in the car right now -- we took a trip to Kansas City and she happily played/slept the whole trip (special thanks to my mom who traveled with me there and watched Carson while I went to a wedding!).
She had her first illness - a stomach bug of some sort and that was so sad and not much fun for any of us...she was a trooper, though.

She found her feet, too, and thinks they are pretty cool.

Carson Ruby, 
You are delightful. Truly! We definitely have a "opportunities of growth" as we continue to get to know one another, but my goodness you are such a good baby. This month I have seen a new level of joy and passion from you, both qualities I pray become engrained in your character and that God would use for good in the future of your influence. Your smile lights up your daddy's and my hearts like nothing else and thankfully you give them liberally. We love you so dearly, little girl and hope you feel safe and secure in our home and arms. 

Love, mom