Carson at 2.5

Carson Ruby is 2.5 and really is such a joy. Sean describes her as "aggressively affectionate" and I'd say that's pretty accurate!

Somethings about Carson recently:

- Her vocabulary has skyrocketed and she's a great communicator. She understands emotions and will let us know how she's feeling in pretty descriptive terms.
- Her love language is for sure physical touch. Girl loves to cuddle, give hugs, and hold hands. Our church had an event centered around your child's love language and after really realizing hers was physical touch, we've avoided a lot of disciplinary type issues by just offering more snuggle ("nuggle") time.
- She has a lot of friends, but some of her favorites are: Aspen, Caroline, Harlow and Levi. She's a social butterfly and loves to be around others.
- She does ok with eating -- she will usually try about anything, but doesn't seem to eat a ton of any one particular item.
- She potty trained herself. :) Right around her 2nd birthday we officially started and she had it down with only a handful of accidents. A couple months after that, she was good to go all night, too.
- She typically gets sassy when she's hungry or when she has to leave somewhere she doesn't want to.
- Her favorite toys right now are baby dolls, coloring, playing pretend (princess, doctor), and her play kitchen.
- Her favorite TV show is Sophia the First and she asks to watch it all the time! Kiddo is persistent.
- She's very smart -- picks up on things very quickly, memorized new songs/books/bible verses after just a couple of times. Her memory is way better than mine!
- She has just recently taken to talking on the phone. She wants to call family/friends and have a little chat, but the conversation usually ends pretty abruptly ("ok, bye bye!"...click)
- She naps for around an hour at daycare and usually two hours at home, sleeps from about 8-6:30.
- If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she will say "A Mommy!" (and I know she's going to make a great one!)

Carson Ruby, your daddy and I are so very proud of you! We love getting to know you and see your personality develop. You are kind, smart and very funny. Being your mom is one of my greatest gifts and pleasures. We often pray through the fruits of the spirit over you and have seen a lot of those character qualities come out. Sweet girl, we so desire for you to grow up knowing and willingly serving Jesus. We promise to do our best to lead you into a healthy relationship with the Lord by modeling grace and ensuring our family's involvement in the Church. You are so much fun to be around, so imaginative and creative. You've just woken from your nap, so I'll leave this post to hug your neck. Love you to the moon and back, Carson!


Carson Turns Two

Our sweet Carson Ruby turns two years old today! My how time flies. To know Carson is to love her and gosh we love her so very much! This year we celebrated her birthday with friends and family with a cowgirl themed party, complete with ponies.
At age two Carson:
- Loves to play pretend
- Really enjoys reading books. Right now mommy or daddy read to her then she "reads" the books next
- Enjoys going to church, especially if we promise a bus ride (shuttle)
- Still goes to play learn during the day and has grown so fond of her teachers, Mrs. Amy and Ms. Linda
- Is a pretty good eater, though takes forever
- Has become quite girly -- as an affinity towards makeup and nailpolish and really dislikes bugs and worms
- Still sleeps in her crib, though we will probably try a big girl bed this summer 
- Her favorite people are probably my parents, her friend Caroline and cousin Harlow 
- Is really stringing words together now "I need more water, please" for example
- We've done a soft launch of potty training -- when home she usually knows to tell me and goes potty

To my main girl, Carson:

Carson Ruby -- this year your birthday and Mother's Day fall on the same day. It's so appropriate to celebrate those together, given you were the one who made me a mommy. With tears welling up in my eyes, I feel so grateful for the opportunity to hear your little voice call me mommy and to feel the snugness of your tiny arms giving me a big hug. Right now you are incredibly fun - I love your silly side and you seeing your imagination take flight. I love your snuggly side -- the way you need extra cuddles after you wake up from a nap and how freely you give hugs and kisses to others. Two years really have gone by very fast and each new stage brings a twinge of sadness for phases passing, but more joy and anticipation for the little girl you are shaping in to. Carson, I hope you know how much you are loved. Your daddy and I try really hard to make sure you are safe and know how special you are. As much as we love you, God loves you even more. As you grow older I pray that you will trust us as your parents to help guide you and trust that Jesus' plan for your life is best. Carson you are such a blessing for us -- you bring us so much joy and laughter.  We love you to the moon and back!


Here are some pictures from the birthday party: