Carson: 11 months old

Parents always say time flies and boy is that the truth! Carson is 11 months old and I have no idea how time has passed so quickly. She is learning so much right now -- her brain is a little sponge!

  • She weighs about 21.5 pounds and is 29.5" long 
  • Size 3 diapers
  • She shows a lot of interest in table food now and does pretty well with small bites of just about anything. She doesn't love picking up slimy foods herself (ie: bananas). 
  • Still breastfeeding 8, 12, 4 and 8 though I do think she is starting to wean herself -- sometimes she's not very interested.
  • This month she started walking! She gets more brave every day -- still plenty of falls but Sean and I were happy to witness her first steps!
  • She loves to wave and is really good at it. She also loves bath time and being tossed in the air. 
  • She will say "dada" "mama" and recently picked up "uh oh" -- she will mimic a couple of animal sounds if she feels like it.
  • She has two teeth, bottom front. 
  • She's doing great at PlayLearn and I love getting to spend every afternoon with her at home.
  • She is still a great sleeper, typically sleeping from about 8:30pm to 7:30am. She usually naps 2x/day at noon and 4pm, but that 4pm one is kind of hit or miss, depending on how her first nap was.

Carson Ruby -- 

How is it already time to plan your first birthday?! My love for you is so strong that it almost feels like an ache sometimes. I'm incredibly thankful for your happy, healthy self but sometimes wish time would slow down just a tad. You're growing so big! Your daddy and I enjoy playing and cuddling with you so much -- we both get excited when you wake up because you're so much fun to be around...sometimes we race to see who will pick you up out of your crib. You are the most precious gift -- how special it is to be your mom. Sometimes I feel totally inadequate but am quickly reminded that's ok and God chose me specifically to be your mommy. Thanks for your forgiving heart and many tangible reminders of your love for me. We love you more than you know.