Weekend in review

This weekend I carved my first pumpkin!
Sean decided to go with the Mizzou 'M' to show some proper school spirit. I stuck with our monogram and our puppy Wyatt painted a Mizzou pawprint. {isn't he talented?} Mizzou played {and beat!} OU on Saturday. It was a great game!
We have a couple of friends over to watch the Mizzou game. I whipped up a quick black and gold bunting to hang over the TV. I also made one for our front window and miniature ones for the white wreath on our front door. Just cut triangles out of felt and sew them onto coordinating ribbon. Super quick and super cute!
I quickly sewed a Mizzou bandanna for Wyatt. If you want to make one, just cut out a triangle of fabric/felt and fold it over on the top wide enough to slide the collar through. Stitch in place. Slip the collar through the bandanna and place on your pup!
Quick family pic after the victory. Had they lost, Sean's expression would be much different.
Sunday was so relaxing! Wyatt got worn out at the dog park and napped much of the afternoon. I caught up on both 16 and Pregnant and laundry -- also got to read my new Real Simple and Cooking Light! Successful weekend all around!
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Refashioned Dog Sweater Tutorial

I know there are some dog sweater haters out there. I'm not one of them, but my hubs is. I promise to never dress my dog up like this picture below, though.
Here's the deal: Wyatt is really small and does get cold while he's outside. I knew my dear husband wouldn't be so happy about spending $20 on a dog sweater. When I ran into this kids sweater in the .50 cent pile at a local thrift store the light bulb went off: he can't be that mad if I only spend .50 cents on one!
First I measured the little pup -- around his neck and belly. Then I cut the following pieces from the sweater:
1. Front and back (er...top and bottom on a dog?) that is about 2 inches wider than half his belly circumference.
2. The collar (from the bottom hemline)
3. Sleeves (also from the bottom hemline)
Next, I estimated the distance between his front legs and cut slits into the bottom half of the sweater.
Using both my serger and sewing machine I very carefully attached the sleeves by slipping them into the slits I cut previously. {It's hard working with such a small opening, so go slowly!}
Here's what it looks like with the sleeves attached.
I stitched the front to the back, then serged the collar on.
Wyatt likes the sweater just fine! Look how fluffy his backside looks -- shows you how much hair he actually had!
Don't worry. We got him haircut and now he's lookin' all cute and stuff.
We've had a warming trend here in Arkansas, so he hasn't needed the sweater. There's a cold front coming, though, so I'll break it out soon enough!
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Ruffle apron tutorial

This weekend was my friend Morgan's bridal shower! She is getting married in December and I'm honored to be by her side on that day. For her shower gift, I sewed her a super cute ruffle apron -- perfect for a soon-to-be wife. :) The fabrics are from the new Lotus Valley line you can find at Jo Ann's.
Here's a quick how-to:
1. Cut a base piece of fabric to your desired size. This one is about 35in x 20in. Hem all sides.
2. Cut the tie - about 6in x 84in {You will likely have to sew two strips together}. Fold right sides together and sew as a tube. Turn right side out and iron flat.
3. Cut the strips of fabric for the ruffles. I did 3- all were about 6in x 65 in. Hem all sides, do a basting stitch then ruffle the three strips to about 35in.
4. Sew the waistband to the base piece of fabric at the top. I tucked the first ruffle under the bottom of the waistband for a nice, finished seam.
5. Sew the remaining ruffles on. Place them about an inch underneath the preceding ruffle.
6. VOILA! A cute and fun apron for yourself or a friend. These make great bridal shower or Christmas gifts!
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I love Craigslist. I love finding good deals and the fact that both people (seller and buyer) feel like they're ripping the other person off. It takes work, though, to search through all of the crap to find the gems buried deep in searches. That work can have a good payoff, though.

I have two frustrations with Craigslist: when pictures are not attached (save potential buyers some time and upload a quick pic or two), and when items are misrepresented. Here are a couple of examples of misrepresented rejects from the local listings:

Here are some 'stunning' boots for potential buyers. Stunningly awful.

Maybe it's just a different in personal taste, but I don't find this couch to be either 'beautiful' or 'practically new.'Can someone enlighten me as to why a potential buyer would pay $400 for this 'one of a kind' artwork? No explanation needed for this one. This bed is clearly at least 30 years old, but was listed as 'beautiful' and 'awesome'

Sellers lure you into their posting with additional characters like !!! --- *** and descriptive words such as beautiful, awesome, stunning, like new, etc. Too often I'm disappointed by the actual product for sale. The occasional good find is usually enough to keep faith my in Craigslist. {I scored Sean a new Timbuk2 bag for super cheap yesterday, for example}

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Faux real

Here's my inspiration for tonight's {hopefully} project. Mine, of course, will be much less real, expensive and dramatic.
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Introducing Cloud Nine Stitches!

Hi, friends! I've started an Etsy shop called Cloud Nine Stitches! Right now I'm just sewing through my fabric stash, so it's a lot of baby and little girl items.

Grab my button!

I will be adding fun new items like some dress refashions, game day dresses, cute headbands and anything else that makes it on to my to-sew list. I know it's a pretty saturated market out there in Etsy-land, so we'll see if anything sells. :)

I'm also hoping to start a booth at a craft mall here in Fayetteville {I'm on a waiting list}.
  Looking forward to sewing my way through this new adventure!
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