Carson: 10 months old

Little miss is 10 months old and sweet as can be! She's a lot of fun to be around (most of the time!) and has added such a fun element of joy to our lives. 

  • She weighs about 20.5 pounds and is 28.5" long - she must be well proportioned because she's definitely not petite, but doesn't strike me as chunky, either.
  • Size 3 diapers
  • She eats solids 3x/day, usually oatmeal or yogurt at breakfast, babyfood at lunch and combo of table food and baby food at dinner. She's really good at feeding herself small bites of pretty much anything we eat now. 
  • Still breastfeeding 8, 12, 4 and 8. 
  • She's starting to get into everything -- now that she can easily pull to stand she's reaching new levels (literally) and I have to keep a close eye. 
  • She loves to wave and is really good at it. She also gives pretty good kisses by licking your face.
  • She can walk assisted by either our hands or a walker toy. I cried when we bought that toy and she took off as soon as I opened it!
  • She has two teeth, bottom front. 
  • She's doing great at PlayLearn and I love getting to spend every afternoon with her at home.
  • She is still a great sleeper, typically sleeping from about 8:30pm to 7:30am. She usually naps 2x/day at noon and 4pm, but that 4pm one is kind of hit or miss, depending on how her first nap was.
She pretty much always wants whatever I have. This time I think it was a Sonic drink.

Happy to be 10 months old!

Coming to get her after she wakes up is my favorite part of the day. She wakes up so happy and always greets me with a big smile.

Carson Ruby -- 

You are going to be a really fun little girl -- I just know it! Your personality is starting to peek through and I am so eager to know what your voice sounds like. You are kind and share well. You smile and wave at everyone and don't know a stranger (literally...you wanted a male Hobby Lobby worker to hold you today). You laugh is the best sound I have ever heard and you hugs are so very special. I am incredibly thankful for your easy going personality so far and for your good health, both gifts from God! Your daddy and I are praying for you a lot and feel very honored to be your parents. Please always think we are this cool, ok? We love you, sweet girl...more than you will ever know.