Carson: Months 6 and 7

It's hard to blog when you're busy living life -- I've just been out of the habit of writing things down and need to start up again! 

Here's what Carson has been up to the past couple of months: 

At your 6 month check up you were about 16 pounds (45%) and 27.5 in long (90%). 
You are still in size 2 diapers and wear mostly 6 month clothes, but will need to transition to 9 month soon. 
We started baby food at 6.5 months -- baby oatmeal first and you've also had squash and sweet potatoes. You tried peas, but weren't a fan. We have pureed your food so far. 
Right around 7 months you dropped one of your feedings, so you eat every 4 hours now (still breastfeeding). You take a 6-7 oz bottle if I'm away. 
You started sitting up on your 6 month birthday and now push up on all fours, but haven't quite figured out you can move forward to crawl yet. 
Still no teeth, but I keep thinking that will happen any day now considering how much you love to chew on everything within reach.
We are working on waving, clapping and saying "mama" or "dada" -- no luck yet. :) 

Carson Ruby, 
You are really awesome. Your dad and I loving watching your little brain work and try to "connect the dots." You are curious and joyful -- your personality shaping by the day. I want you to know I pray for you often, sometimes just that you sleep safely through the night and sometimes for your future spouse. God picked you to be my daughter and me to be your mother -- we will both be shaped by one another and oh how I pray that we have a close relationship...that you will feel comfortable sharing your dreams and heartbreaks with me as you grow. I love you more than words can explain, dear daughter. 

Love, Mom