Carson update: 17 months

We are about halfway through football season and are finally in our groove for our fall schedule (which typically means a little less of Sean!). I led a Bible study at our church this fall, so it's been busy, but a wonderful start to autumn.

Carson is now 17 months old and as cute as ever. Things she's up to now include:
  • She loves anything baby doll related. The other day she was shhing and rocking a "baby" that was a can of raisins! She swaddles, puts them down for naps and rocks them -- it's precious. 
  • She enjoys playing with her play kitchen and cooking noodles, aka headbands. 
  • She's a lover and very affectionate -- the other day at a party she made a boy cry because she was hugging him too much. Could be worse habits, haha. 
  • She's an ok eater -- I wouldn't say she really loves anything in particular, though. Still not a fan of most fruits or veggies, unless blended in a smoothie. 
  • She really loves daycare. She's always happy for me to leave her and sad when I pick her up. Today another mom told me her little girl was asking to see Carson on the way to school, so I hope that's a sign she is kind to others. The teachers love her to pieces, too. 
  • She can say mama, daddy, dog, ball, thank you, please, more, hi, bye, book and, of course...no! 
  • She knows some hand motions to Jesus Loves Me

To my dearest Carson Ruby -- 

You really could not be any sweeter. You are such an easy baby to love and care for, often waking up with big smiles and falling asleep just after sweet giggles. Your daddy and I love you so much that it's almost like life was a little black and white until we met you, then everything came in full color. Being your mom is a blessing on many fronts -- I love to love you, but I also know that this role was created for me as part of my own sanctification process, drawing me closer to Jesus. We have been praying the fruits of the spirit over you recently -- love and joy, which you embody every day. Now we are praying for peace -- peace in knowing you were created by our Creator, who has a specific plan for your life. Peace in the fact that both your dad and I will love you unconditionally. As a toddler, you lack some understanding, but the Bible tells us that Jesus can offer peace that transcends understanding -- it's not always going to make sense to you and that's ok. God can help you do big things, Carson, and we are thrilled to have a front row ticket to see how He uses you! 

With all my heart,