Mid term evaluation

I'm here...in my cubicle...just reflecting on my attitude and outlook I've had recently. It's so easy to fall into a pit of self pity, or selfishness in general, and boy have I been in the depths of that pit! Isn't it funny how we can portray some of the characteristics we dislike most in other people? For example, I hate it when people tell me how busy they are. Isn't almost everyone busy these days?! Whether you're a stay at home mom, climbing the corporate ladder or in grad school we are all being pulled in so many different directions. It's almost like people think it's cool to tell other people how 'busy' they are but often forget that the person they are sharing that info with has a full plate, too. Anyways...I've been using my busyness as a crutch recently - slacking off in relationships, neglecting my personal time with the Lord and placing my needs before others.
Today's my turnaround day. Today I choose meaningful relationships over approval of people I could care less about. Today I choose, with God's grace, to have a better attitude and perspective- thankful for the many blessings he provides. So, here's some things I'm thankful for right now:

1. My small group - I love having that time each with with other young women to talk about issues we are facing and pick their hugely intelligent brains.

2. My husband - despite the fact I'm selfish (a lot) he's consistently humble and forgiving.

3. My family - we're a little crazy sometimes, but give each other full support when needed.

4. Upcoming changes - we will be moving to a new city soon!

5. My job - it's a huge blessing right now to work in my department and be able to complete school work in my free time.

6. To have just registered for my last semester of school ever (I think)- being a student for around 18 years straight is enough for me right now!

7. God's grace - He knows I need it!


MU Homecoming

This past weekend was Mizzou's homecoming. If you're unfamiliar with MU Homecoming, it's kind of a big deal as the whole concept of 'homecoming' was first established here. The week leading up to the game is full of events, such as a blood drive, skit competitions and service projects. Being here in Columbia after most of my other friends have graduated and moved away is a little strange, so homecoming is a great time to catch up with friends and enjoy an exciting Mizzou tradition. This weekend was pretty busy as I tried to split my time between old college friends, new Columbia friends and my family who all came to visit. Despite the fact that the actual football game was a disaster (who picked the UT game to be Homecoming, anyways??) a good time was had by all. Here's a picture of me and my sister, Kristel, who came up from TX for a visit.

I have purchased the supplies necessary for my next sewing projects: my Halloween costume and a super cute jumper dress. Sean is at work all day/night today, so I have had a pretty fun day of fabric stores, the mall, a facial and self-pedicure....oh, and Desperate Housewives, too. :) Speaking of Sean, I really like him. He has been so busy lately with work but is still always so helpful and loving! Mushy, I know.

Two weeks from Today I will be in Washington, D.C.! I have an all-expense paid trip to our nation's capital for a national conference related to my assistantship - it will explore healthcare and educational issues facing people who have disabilities. There are some great speakers in line, so I'm way excited for my first trip there. Also, my good friend Alicia is going, so I will have someone to explore with! This website has a little info about the program I work with here in Columbia: http://www.tips4kids.org/

'til next time...


Be Amazed...I am!

So I got my new sewing machine in the mail on Wednesday. Love it. With some great advice from my Aunt Dana (sewer extraordinaire) and a couple of visits to local sewing shops I found a great deal on a machine online. (Used to retail for $450 and I got it for just $160)

Well...I know nothing about sewing machines...how to threat them, how to fill the bobbin with thread, what all the stitches do, etc. BUT, I figured I'm a pretty smart kid and could just learn how to do it on my own. Since I am very much a visual and tactile learner, I decided to just take the plunge and buy a pattern, some fabric, and get started on my first project. The ladies at Joann's thought I was nuts, as I couldn't even read the pattern properly. A few sighs of frustration, some needle pricks, and 5 hours later I ended up with this fall corduroy skirt:

Pretty amazing, right?? I'm sure if you're a pro sewer you could point out what's wrong with it, but for my first project I'm super happy with the outcome. I learned that many patterns are going to be on sale next week for $0.99 and plan to stock up on options.

Also, I feel it's appropriate to warn some of you that it's my goal to have an entirely homemade Christmas (i.e.: baking, sewing, scrap booking). So if you were hoping for that easy bake oven or Lady Gaga's newest hit single, you're going to be out of luck. I promise to put lots of love and labor into your gifts, though!

We are having a couple of friends over for the Mizzou game tonight...I'll post pictures tomorrow.
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Decorate a Bra Contest

As most of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month. During my summer internship at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center I jumped on board to help with a little planning for a fundraising event they were organizing -- decorate a bra contest. It turned out to be a big success with over 130 entries and hundreds of people who attended the viewing and reception. Here are a few of my favorite entries:

This one is a tongue-in-cheek representation on the importance of mammograms and self exams.

This one looked like angel wings and had a poem attached to a friend who passed away from breast cancer.

This is the MU Cheerleader's entry...named by my dearest husband. "Mizzou-kahs"

This one is covered with bubblegum wrappers and was called 'Boob-a-licous'

Sean and I are doing well...we made a quick trip to Branson last weekend to hang with the fam, which turned out to be a super relaxing and enjoyable trip. Sometimes when we go home we get so busy that we don't have any down time, but this trip was different. (in a good way). This part of the school year seems to drag on a bit, so I'm trying to keep a positive attitude during this lengthy time without a break. Sean has heard some promising news from the University of Arkansas and is finishing up his final round of application materials. On an unrelated note, you would think I would be game to get a flu shot and the H1N1 when it's available, but for some reason I'm not. I plan to give this more thought. Here's a pic from last weekend in Branson - taken from our parent's condo balcony down at the Landing.