34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks, 6 to go!
Size of baby: Approx 18 inches and 4 3/4 pounds, similar to a cantaloupe
Gender: A girl! Carson Ruby Huddleston
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity.
Weight gain: 16.3 lb as of this am (it's better to weight in the morning, ha). By the end of the day my body is worn out and pretty swollen now -- thankful for a husband who is willing to rub my back each night!
Movement: Still consistent rolling movement. I commonly feel some sort of body part sticking out, but can't really tell what it is.
Sleep: Still sleeping lightly and waking up to go pee 1-2 times. Some odd dreams have started to make their appearance again. In last night's dream Sean insisted on going to a t-shirt screen printing place in Branson so he could get a t-shirt that said "Proud Dad" -- it was purple. lol
Best moment this week: I finished her crib bedding and it's adorable. Also, the baby shower here in Fayetteville was fun -- we have one in Branson this weekend, too. After that, I will start organizing the nursery and seeing what's left to buy. I also found out my insurance covers 100% of the purchase of a breast pump, which is awesome!


Fayetteville Baby Shower

This past weekend was Carson's first baby shower, hosted by girlfriends from Bible study. The girls did a great job with food and decorations. I am so used to throwing/hosting a party that it sort of feel weird to just relax and let others love on me. It was really fun to have friends and coworkers together -- I was certainly humbled by everyone's generosity. I don't always do well as the center of attention (i.e.: opening gifts in front of a lot of people), but I hope each girl there knows how much they mean to me!

Fun name banner. I think I will hang in the nursery.

Prayer cards for baby.

Mom got me this cute, springy dress -- and it was snowing on the day of the shower! Added a scarf and jacket to make it more 'seasonally' appropriate.

Heather, Kaitlyn, me, Sarah, Amanda

Mom came down for this shower, too.
The spread.


honest thoughts on becoming a mom

Pregnancy is beautiful. It's so special that God designed procreation to happen this way and I really do feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to take part in the growth and development of another human being. I believe that all children are a blessing from the Lord. Pregnancy is full of fun milestones -- sharing the happy news with friends and family, finding out the gender, baby's first kick, a growing belly as a testament to a growing baby. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and journey to a baby so far, but I also feel the need to share some of the other, more vulnerable thoughts roaming in my head.

I'm just not a sugar coating kind of girl -- I appreciate transparency and honesty to a great degree, though certainly while keeping respect and kindness in mind. Pregnancy really can be all of the great things you hear and full of exciting emotions as you prepare for baby, but for me it is also a time of reflection and deep thought on where I seek for joy and happiness. Here's my honest fear: I'm incredibly happy with just Sean and I -- I'm fearful that the addition of a baby will somehow change this good thing we've had going on now for over 10 years as each others' "one and only." Some people choose to have a baby to fill a void, patch a relationship, find additional happiness. Although I certainly dreamed of becoming a mommy and seeing Sean as a daddy, we didn't feel a sense of emptiness, but instead of fullness of joy that God had provided us as husband and wife. How does the love for a baby fit into a heart already so full?

This questioning of how the baby will be received by me emotionally can lead to other negatively associated emotions. Guilt for not having only feelings of contentment. Conviction for not having a thankful heart for this circumstance and trusting in the Lord's timing. Time in prayer, focusing on scriptures of thankfulness and an understanding husband have helped me work through these, but I have a feeling this will be a spiritual battle I fight for some time to come. These feelings don't overwhelm me often and don't occupy a majority of my thoughts, but they are there and they are real. If I ignore them they will be used against me and my relationship with my Savior. If I acknowledge them, asking for persistent help and forgiveness, I will not be alone.

The picture I have been given is one of an expanding heart. Love that supplements, not supplants. I suppose it's so hard for me to imagine because I've never experienced it before. I've seen it modeled by other moms, including my own, and know it's possible. I trust that God knows my every need and that he will fulfill the desires of my heart as long as I am faithful to Him.  


33 weeks

I kind of feel like we are starting to enter the home stretch of this pregnancy. While trying not to wish away the precious last weeks (both for her development and my selfishness), I'm starting to get pretty excited to see what she will look like and hold her for the first time! I know that being pregnant and having a baby is a pretty normal thing, but when it's happening to you personally it feels so spectacular and unique, so intimate.

How far along: 33 weeks, 7 to go
Size of baby: Approx 17 inches and 4 pounds, similar to a pineapple
Gender: A girl! Carson Ruby Huddleston
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity. I had a work meeting last week and tried to squeeze into some of my dress pants -- it was a no go.
Weight gain: 15 lb
Movement: Still consistent rolling movement.I think she might be moving a little less as she starts to run out of womb room.
Sleep: Doing pretty good here. I sleep much lighter than normal and it takes a while to get comfy, but I'm sleeping through most of the night.
Best moment this week: I finally started sewing her crib bedding! I have been in a sewing funk recently, but think I'm starting to find my way out of it just in time to make some cute goodies for her.


Five year wedding anniversary

This weekend was so much fun! On March 15th we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and Sean really worked hard to make sure I felt relaxed and loved during the weekend. Due to my pregnancy and Sean's work schedule, we weren't able to take an extended vacation far away, so Sean got creative and planned a getaway here in NWA. Our marriage is not perfect, but I'm certain Sean is perfect for me. He made me feel really special this weekend, but also does a great job of this on a daily basis. He not only knows my love languages, he's fluent in them. I am incredibly thankful God picked him for me and really look forward to seeing him become a daddy soon! It is my prayer (feel free to join in, too) that as we navigate parenthood together -- the good and the bad -- our marriage would be strengthened, not divided, and the priority of God first, Sean second and Carson third would consistently be on my mind.

On Friday he left me a note at home saying he had a fun weekend planned and I needed to pack a bag. He rented a fun car and booked a room at the Aloft Hotel in Bentonville. Aloft is dog friendly, so Wyatt enjoyed his first hotel experience -- they even give you a dog bed, bowls, treats and a toy! Friday night we had dinner at Table Mesa on the square in Bentonville and it was so yummy. Their staff was very kind and acknowleged our anniversary multiple times, including a free Tres Leche cake dessert. After dinner we walked around the square for a bit then headed back to the hotel.

This is the only picture I took the whole weekend. I was really trying to just enjoy the time instead of documenting it for others to see. Fitting image, as they are two boys I love very much!
Saturday was beautiful weather -- near 80 degrees! We grabbed breakfast near the hotel then had massages. Apparently the massage just wore me out (ha) b/c it was followed up with a nap. Then we headed out to Crystal Bridges to sight see and take Wyatt on a long walk through their pretty trails. Sean gave me a gift card for our anniversary, so next we headed to the Promendade for some shopping. We had dinner at the Flying Fish (yummy, really bad for you food) then hit up HomeGoods and Andy's for a thin mint concrete. :)

Sunday we headed back home, did a little work in the nursery and mostly just relaxed around the house. It was really just what we needed -- some undivided quality time together to talk, laugh and just enjoy each others' company. There's no one in the world I would rather be with than Sean Huddleston.


Wyatt's Big Adventure

Wyatt recently received a pretty sizable windfall of cash from my parents. $100 to be exact and the only rule was that the money had to be spent on something he could enjoy. The cash was burning a hole in his {nonexistent} pocket, so I decided to document how he spent the money. Thanks, mom and dad!

First up - a trip to the groomers. Car rides are a favorite of Wyatt's, especially with the windows down and at approx. 25 MPH. He knows what he likes.

He's a little apprehensive at this point, but this was a necessary venture.

He felt like a baller paying with a Benjamin. You should have seen him slide it across the counter all smooth like.

To reward his patience during grooming, he requested a trip to PetsMart for some food and new toys.

He really wanted one of everything in the store, but settled on a new Kong and a rope bone. Solid choices, Wyatt.

While checking out at PetsMart he was feeling a little sad because he had blown almost all of his cash on a haircut, food and toys. He did consider tithing the remaining money, but was having trouble picking a charity.

So instead, he offered to treat both Sean and I to Sonic happy hour. I'm so glad we raised such a thoughtful poodle! Here he is placing our order.


32 weeks = B-

I do promise there are other things going on in life besides my pregnancy, but it's really the most interesting thing right now (for me, anyways) and consumes a lot of my thought time, which equals blog time. I'm hoping to start working on the crib bedding tomorrow and think it's going to be super cute. Based on my grading scale previously discussed, we are now at week 32/40, which is an 80%. Getting closer.

Sean has started soccer and baseball season -- y'all, he's really good at his job. He's super smart and works really well with the coaches and kids. I bet all the girls have a crush on him. I know I would. :) 

Tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary and Sean is planning the celebratory events this weekend. I do know it includes a massage, which I have been so looking forward to this week!
6:30 am belly pic. Ask me what I look like at 6:30 am in a few months, ha.
How far along: 32 weeks, 8 to go
Size of baby: Approx 16.7 inches and 3.75 pounds
Gender: A girl! Carson Ruby Huddleston
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity pants or tights. I can switch between non-maternity tops sometimes.I'm really ready for warmer weather to arrive so I can enjoy sundresses and sandals at the end of this pregnancy.
Weight gain: I haven't weighed this week, but I'm assuming in the 14 lb range. Baby is growing about 1/2 lb per week now, so I'm sure I'm gaining somewhere in the 1 lb per week range.
Movement: Still consistent rolling movement.
Sleep: I think the snoring has lightened up thanks to getting over a little head cold. Still sleeping pretty well, thankfully.
Best moment this week: Sean's mom bought Carson her first Bible and wrote a very nice note in the cover. I think we have all of the furniture for the nursery now and as soon as the dresser gets assembled I'll be able to place stuff and start organizing.


Single digits

9 weeks and counting (ish) until little miss arrives. We had a doctors appointment yesterday and were hit with a bit of a reality check that she's coming pretty soon. I just really love my doctor -- she was encouraging to me and reminded me that baby doesn't need much besides mom and dad early on, so if the nursery isn't complete in time she will be just fine. She also told me she was born at 32 weeks, which kind of freaked me out. My second thought, though, was that she's a doctor so it worked out ok for her...

Wyatt is still as cute as ever. I don't think he knows what's coming but I'm confident he will be great with her. We thankfully have a yard at our new place, which is awesome for him to get some energy out. I really love him a lot.

This is a blanket my aunt made for Carson -- isn't is beautiful? Handmade gifts are so thoughtful!

The glider arrived and I'm very pleased with it. It's comfortable but still stylish. We ordered it online from Walmart.

Sean was looking through some of Carson's clothes and I thought it was cute Wyatt was sitting there watching him, as if he were really interested.

Some girlfriends and I went to a huge baby consignment sale in Fayetteville and this is my favorite dress I got for her. I think I only paid $4 for it.

31 weeks pregnant
How far along: 31 weeks, 9 to go
Size of baby: Approx 16 inches and 3.3 pounds
Gender: A girl! Carson Ruby Huddleston
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity pants or tights. I can switch between non-maternity tops sometimes.
Weight gain: 13 pounds - I'm expecting to be in the low 20's by the end of the pregnancy, which is right on track with what my doctor recommended.
Movement: She's quite the wiggle worm. Movement seems pretty consistent now, throughout the day.
Sleep: Compared to some other stories I've heard from pregnant friends, I'm doing pretty well. I certainly sleep lighter than normal and wake up frequently. Sean also says I snore really bad now (sorry, honey).
Best moment this week: I'm really happy with the glider. It was also good to hear her heartbeat again. Appointments are every two weeks now and I'm looking forward to a couple of showers at the end of this month.