Wyatt's Big Adventure

Wyatt recently received a pretty sizable windfall of cash from my parents. $100 to be exact and the only rule was that the money had to be spent on something he could enjoy. The cash was burning a hole in his {nonexistent} pocket, so I decided to document how he spent the money. Thanks, mom and dad!

First up - a trip to the groomers. Car rides are a favorite of Wyatt's, especially with the windows down and at approx. 25 MPH. He knows what he likes.

He's a little apprehensive at this point, but this was a necessary venture.

He felt like a baller paying with a Benjamin. You should have seen him slide it across the counter all smooth like.

To reward his patience during grooming, he requested a trip to PetsMart for some food and new toys.

He really wanted one of everything in the store, but settled on a new Kong and a rope bone. Solid choices, Wyatt.

While checking out at PetsMart he was feeling a little sad because he had blown almost all of his cash on a haircut, food and toys. He did consider tithing the remaining money, but was having trouble picking a charity.

So instead, he offered to treat both Sean and I to Sonic happy hour. I'm so glad we raised such a thoughtful poodle! Here he is placing our order.


  1. So so cute! What a lucky pup! Makes me want to pamper Cody and document his day!

  2. You have raised a special dog! He will be a good big brother.