Carson: Months 6 and 7

It's hard to blog when you're busy living life -- I've just been out of the habit of writing things down and need to start up again! 

Here's what Carson has been up to the past couple of months: 

At your 6 month check up you were about 16 pounds (45%) and 27.5 in long (90%). 
You are still in size 2 diapers and wear mostly 6 month clothes, but will need to transition to 9 month soon. 
We started baby food at 6.5 months -- baby oatmeal first and you've also had squash and sweet potatoes. You tried peas, but weren't a fan. We have pureed your food so far. 
Right around 7 months you dropped one of your feedings, so you eat every 4 hours now (still breastfeeding). You take a 6-7 oz bottle if I'm away. 
You started sitting up on your 6 month birthday and now push up on all fours, but haven't quite figured out you can move forward to crawl yet. 
Still no teeth, but I keep thinking that will happen any day now considering how much you love to chew on everything within reach.
We are working on waving, clapping and saying "mama" or "dada" -- no luck yet. :) 

Carson Ruby, 
You are really awesome. Your dad and I loving watching your little brain work and try to "connect the dots." You are curious and joyful -- your personality shaping by the day. I want you to know I pray for you often, sometimes just that you sleep safely through the night and sometimes for your future spouse. God picked you to be my daughter and me to be your mother -- we will both be shaped by one another and oh how I pray that we have a close relationship...that you will feel comfortable sharing your dreams and heartbreaks with me as you grow. I love you more than words can explain, dear daughter. 

Love, Mom


Carson: five months old

Happy five months, sweet girl! You are a joy to be around and we get comments all the time about how happy you are. It's really fun to see you learn new things and really starting to take in your environment. 
 Here is what Carson is up to at five months:
Weight: about 15.5 pounds
Length: 27.5 in
Wearing mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothing now and size 2 diapers. It's starting to get pretty chilly here, so I have packed up most of her summer clothes. 
Still eats every 3 hours during the day, the last of which is at 8pm and still sleeping great!
Naps 3x/day -- she decided she no longer needs an evening nap, but when it's bedtime we all know it! ;)
She still does most of the same "tricks" -- rolling over, blowing raspberries, giggles. She is definitely learning more every day, though and is quite fascinated by hands and beards.
She really is a happy baby, but when she is done with something, she very clearly communicates that! 
She is wonderful in the car right now -- we took a trip to Kansas City and she happily played/slept the whole trip (special thanks to my mom who traveled with me there and watched Carson while I went to a wedding!).
She had her first illness - a stomach bug of some sort and that was so sad and not much fun for any of us...she was a trooper, though.

She found her feet, too, and thinks they are pretty cool.

Carson Ruby, 
You are delightful. Truly! We definitely have a "opportunities of growth" as we continue to get to know one another, but my goodness you are such a good baby. This month I have seen a new level of joy and passion from you, both qualities I pray become engrained in your character and that God would use for good in the future of your influence. Your smile lights up your daddy's and my hearts like nothing else and thankfully you give them liberally. We love you so dearly, little girl and hope you feel safe and secure in our home and arms. 

Love, mom 


Carson: four months old

Hard to believe we are 1/3 of the way to Carson's first birthday! During my pregnancy and early in Carson's life I always felt so eager for the next milestone {some, like smiling, were SO needed for this mama}...but now that she's meeting new milestones so quickly I just want press pause. I feel like we just barely enjoy one before she learns a new "trick." 

Here is what she's up to at 4 months:
She weighs 14 pounds 11oz (75%)
She is  25.75 inches long (95%)
She wears mostly 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers still, though we are ordering size 2 diapers this weekend (Sean finds great deals on diapers through Amazon). Depending on the brand, she can do some 3-6 size clothes, too.
She eats every three hours during the day, the last of which is at 8pm. Still sleeping through the night.
She doesn't need the swaddle anymore. I do still put a blanket around her legs, just because I think she feels cold to me otherwise, but she usually has kicked it off by morning.
She takes 3 naps, each about an hour long, throughout the day and usually wants a catnap around 6:30pm.
She learned to blow raspberries {a nicer way to say she spits more, ha}, grabs items with her hands and giggles regularly.
She rolls over to her belly all of the time and can roll back, but doesn't often yet. 
She has started sucking her thumb some, usually if it's right at eating time or if she's really tired.
We feel really blessed by our childcare options. Her daycare (3x/week) room is run by two very loving ladies who have been at the same daycare for 11 and 19 years. The other two days a week a sitter, Becca, comes over and she is wonderful! 
She still likes her bouncy seat (though I think she's going to outgrow it this month) and her playmat. We just started putting her in the jumper/bumbo/and highchair and she seems to be doing great in all of those.
She handled her 4 mos shots like a champ -- a little sore, but no major reaction.

Carson Ruby, 
Sometimes I feel like my heart could burst with joy and love for you. One of my most favorite moments with you is right before you fall asleep and you nuzzle into my neck -- your little lips are perfectly puckered and I always wish I could capture that in a picture somehow. I hope the mental picture never leaves my memory. The way you light up when your dad or I walk into the room is precious, too. Just about anyone can get you to smile, but you definitely know who your parents are and we get a special smile and look of excitement from you. You really are an incredibly happy baby and for that we are so thankful. Being a mom is such a humbling experience and I think it's pretty cool God created you as a means to refine my character. We love you deeply, little girl. 



Mizzou baby

In celebration of college colors day and the first football game of the season, Carson has been sporting her black and gold! I can't wait to take her to Columbia next weekend for her first football game! We might need to move back to Missouri sometime in the next 17 years to ensure she can get in-state tuition. :)
College colors day at daycare. She was the only non-razorback, to be expected.
Our little cheerleader on gameday.
This onesie says "Future Golden Girl", a gift from one of our most precious family friends and fellow Mizzou alum. (he hasn't missed a home Mizzou game since like 1962!)

Recent Crafts

Here are a few of my most recent crafts. I feel like I craft/sew in waves -- a lot at once, then nothing for a while. Surprisingly, I haven't really sewn much for Carson yet, but look forward to some cute ideas around the holidays this fall. 
Mizzou football wreath. I'm going to be really upset if someone steals this from our door (for some reason that's always a concern of mine since we live in another college town). I just used burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby, a straw wreath ands some u-shape push pins. The football is foam and I spray painted the MU black (also from Hobby Lobby). 
I made these bows for Carson and her two girlfriends, Caroline and Elliott. I just watched a tutorial on youtube for the bow tying, then used my silhouette with heat flocked transfer material for the monogram letters.
I also made a bag tag for Carson's diaper bag. I purchased some Scotch brand clear luggage tags, then created and printed the design on our comp at home. It's not perfect, but will work for now! Not bad for $1.

Carson Ruby meets her Great Grandma Ruby

Last weekend my parents came in town with a couple of extra special visitors, my Grandma Ruby (whom Carson is named after) and my Aunt Dede from San Antonio. I am so thankful Carson was able to meet her namesake! 
Carson and her great grandma. Her cheek is red because since learning to roll over, she likes to sleep on her side. Her sensitive skin has toughened some since then and doesn't get quite so irritated anymore.
I was blessed to have 8 grandparents growing up and I usually tell people they were all different. Grandma Ruby was the classic grandma, though -- baking with us, taking us camping, documenting our childhood meticulously. She is strong but gentle, witty and very kind...all characteristics I hope our little girl exhibits, too.

Grandma had quite the trip! They flew from SA to STL, where Dad picked them up and drove to Springfield, IL to visit her sister, who is unfortunately sick. They then drove back to Branson for a couple of days of relaxing, attending shows and even going out on the lake. Dad drove everyone to Fayetteville last weekend for a quick visit since I had sorority stuff here in Fayetteville and couldn't make it to Branson. She had a good time, but I'm sure was thankful to be home. The assisted living facility where she is threw her a welcome back party! 
Aunt Dede and sleepy Carson. 

I love this face so much! I didn't know I was capable of this kind of love and am so thankful the Lord sought it fit to add her to our family!


Carson: Three Months Old

Brace yourself for a picture overload! Our sweet girl Carson is three months old and what a joy she is! 

Here is what she's up to at 3 months:
She weighs approx. 13.8 pounds (according to our scientific weight me, then weight me plus baby technique)
She is about 25.5 inches long
She wears mostly 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers still. 0-3 mos stuff is usually too short for her now.
She eats every three hours during the day, the last of which is at 8pm. She started sleeping through the night (9pm-8am) at 11 weeks. 
She does love to be swaddled still, so we are slowly trying to break her of that. Right now she's napping without it!
She takes 3 naps, each about an hour long, throughout the day and usually wants a catnap around 6:30pm.
She still loves to kick her legs and her bouncy seat is her favorite place to play.
This month Kaitlyn has been loving on you three days a week while I'm at work. You start daycare 3 days/week next week! 

You bring an incredible amount of joy to our lives, something I never could have imagined until holding you in my arms. There was a part of me that was actually a little sad when you started sleeping through the night because it was one less time a day I get to snuggle with you. Silly mommy, I know. I think you not only look like your daddy, but you have his chill personality right now, too. You are our little slice of heaven and we do not take the responsibility of caring for you lightly. We love you so very much, Carson!

You love kicking and splashing during bathtime.

Your cousin Lela came to visit. She is loud and on the move -- you weren't quite sure what to think! I'm sure you will be best buds in the years to come.

You do like sucking on your fingers often.

One of mommy's favorite outfits for you. Precious girl!

You will smile for anyone who talks to you -- those who are extra silly like Aunt Jess get extra smiles! Our friend Adam did get you to giggle for the first time. I've gotten a little one after that, but not regularly yet.

Our little doll baby. You are so beautiful, Carson!

All dressed up for Sunday school.

On your 3 month birthday you got to have a little play date with Holden Rapp. His life is a miracle and I hope you guys get to be friends when you're older, even though they are moving to Houston soon!

You're happy, healthy and growing. Praise the Lord.


Picture update

Life lately has been full of loving on our little girl, spending time with friends and family and adjusting to a new schedule with my return to work. My heart is really full right now - God has been and continues to be so faithful to our family!
My sister lives in Texas and was finally able to come up to meet Carson. We loved having her and my parents visit together -- it's never long enough! Thankful for technology like Facetime to help keep in touch.
When I'm at the office three days a week, Kaitlyn comes to watch both Caroline and Carson at our house. This arrangement has been a huge blessing to help ease my transition back to work. When school starts mid-August, Carson will start at a church daycare from 8:30-2:30pm. The girls had twinkie day this week!

Sean and I had our first date night -- it went by too fast! Our church does this awesome thing and offers free childcare two Friday evenings a month to allow parents some kid-free time. They really love on young families well!

Last night Carson slept through the night! To be totally honest, I'm going to miss our early morning feedings -- I'm not sure she was ever really wide awake, but I appreciated the quiet snuggle time with her. I don't think she's ready to completely eliminate them yet, but we'll see. So thankful she's a great sleeper!

I snapped this picture during tummy time and feel like I caught a glimpse of what it will look like when she's crawling.


Carson: two months old

Miss Carson is two months old today! I feel like we are leaving the newborn phase and entering the baby phase full of new discoveries and a developing personality. 

We just got home from her 2 month check up and thankfully we have a perfectly healthy and growing girl! She and I both cried a little when she go her shots {it's the first time I've heard her cry out of pain and it was so sad!} -- thankfully she didn't cry long and I was able to feed her right afterwards. She's given me smiles since we got home, so I think she's handling them well!

Here's a little about Carson this month: 

She weighs 11lb 15.5 oz (80th percentile)
She is 23.5 in long (90th percentile)
She wears 0-3/3 month clothes and size 1 diapers -- I packed up her newborn clothes!
She eats every three hours during the day, the last of which is at 8pm. She sleeps until about 4-5am, then again until 8am.
She takes 3 naps, each about an hour long, throughout the day and usually wants a catnap around 6:30pm.
She started smiling and cooing around 6 weeks old -- those smiles feel like such a great reward!
She loves to kick her legs and her bouncy seat is her favorite place to play.
I have started pumping in the middle of the night to help build up my freezer stock.
While I'm at work 3 days a week, Kaitlyn has been watching her at our house (huge blessing!)

Dear Carson,
What a joy it has become to be your mama! You are such a great baby -- your daddy and I just can't get enough of you. This month you met two of your great grandparents, which was very special. Each day I think you get even cuter and I'm really looking forward to seeing your personality grow and develop. I hope you know that you are incredibly loved -- by both your earthly family and your heavenly father.

Love, mom
You're growing into such a big girl!