Picture update

Life lately has been full of loving on our little girl, spending time with friends and family and adjusting to a new schedule with my return to work. My heart is really full right now - God has been and continues to be so faithful to our family!
My sister lives in Texas and was finally able to come up to meet Carson. We loved having her and my parents visit together -- it's never long enough! Thankful for technology like Facetime to help keep in touch.
When I'm at the office three days a week, Kaitlyn comes to watch both Caroline and Carson at our house. This arrangement has been a huge blessing to help ease my transition back to work. When school starts mid-August, Carson will start at a church daycare from 8:30-2:30pm. The girls had twinkie day this week!

Sean and I had our first date night -- it went by too fast! Our church does this awesome thing and offers free childcare two Friday evenings a month to allow parents some kid-free time. They really love on young families well!

Last night Carson slept through the night! To be totally honest, I'm going to miss our early morning feedings -- I'm not sure she was ever really wide awake, but I appreciated the quiet snuggle time with her. I don't think she's ready to completely eliminate them yet, but we'll see. So thankful she's a great sleeper!

I snapped this picture during tummy time and feel like I caught a glimpse of what it will look like when she's crawling.

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