Carson: two months old

Miss Carson is two months old today! I feel like we are leaving the newborn phase and entering the baby phase full of new discoveries and a developing personality. 

We just got home from her 2 month check up and thankfully we have a perfectly healthy and growing girl! She and I both cried a little when she go her shots {it's the first time I've heard her cry out of pain and it was so sad!} -- thankfully she didn't cry long and I was able to feed her right afterwards. She's given me smiles since we got home, so I think she's handling them well!

Here's a little about Carson this month: 

She weighs 11lb 15.5 oz (80th percentile)
She is 23.5 in long (90th percentile)
She wears 0-3/3 month clothes and size 1 diapers -- I packed up her newborn clothes!
She eats every three hours during the day, the last of which is at 8pm. She sleeps until about 4-5am, then again until 8am.
She takes 3 naps, each about an hour long, throughout the day and usually wants a catnap around 6:30pm.
She started smiling and cooing around 6 weeks old -- those smiles feel like such a great reward!
She loves to kick her legs and her bouncy seat is her favorite place to play.
I have started pumping in the middle of the night to help build up my freezer stock.
While I'm at work 3 days a week, Kaitlyn has been watching her at our house (huge blessing!)

Dear Carson,
What a joy it has become to be your mama! You are such a great baby -- your daddy and I just can't get enough of you. This month you met two of your great grandparents, which was very special. Each day I think you get even cuter and I'm really looking forward to seeing your personality grow and develop. I hope you know that you are incredibly loved -- by both your earthly family and your heavenly father.

Love, mom
You're growing into such a big girl!

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