Summer is here!

What a fun weekend! Sean's cousin, Erin, was running at the state track meet in Jeff City, so we were able to travel down there and hang with some of our favorite people! We saw them both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, then had a BBQ with friends here in Columbia Sat night. The food was delicious! Church this morning was great and I made a lot of organizational progress on my work with our church on Kids Crossing!(aka VBS on steroids) Sean and I took a wonderful nap this afternoon and are enjoying down time before another work week. I want to share one of my favorite verses with you this evening.

And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may how power...to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. Eph 3:17-18


First golf injury

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. Sean has his first golf injury, which is a testament to the fact that we need lessons on a near desperate level. It's actually a pretty strange injury...he pulled his forearm muscles and the blood later settled in his lower forearm in his sleep. Weird, huh? He's just been icing it, etc. and is doing fine.

On other fronts, I went with my friend Brandy to one of our sorority sister's wedding this past weekend. I forgot my camera, but will post a pic when I get them from others. Whitney looked really pretty and I'm happy for her and her new husband. I always cry when the bride walks down the aisle...never fails. I think it's because it's such a vulnerable and precious moment. Ironically, I didn't cry when I walked down the aisle, b/c I was so focused on Sean and not tripping. :)

I'm off work today (Happy Memorial Day), but Sean had to work. The apartment needs some cleaning/organizing, which I am happy to provide, and I'm going to make some sort of cool dinner which I haven't decided on yet. Have a great day!!!


Social Justice

For some reason the topic of social justice has been heavy on my heart this week. I'm amazed how the Lord uses various avenues to reach out to us and teach us lessons. This week at work (I'm interning with the MU Center for Health Ethics this summer) we had a speaker come talk to us about social determinants of health. The data is staggering...while we focus on and spend billions on healthcare the topic of health is sadly neglected. Studies have shown that people (especially children) living in ghettos, of a lower socioeconomic status and lower education quality have a much lower health status than those who are more priviledged. It's astonishing that this happens to such a great degree here in America...and that we do little to help remedy the situation.

Sean and I are a little behind the times in movies due to our crazy schedules over the past year. Last night, though, we finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. Such a great movie! It's again disheartening to see the quality of life of people in disadvantaged areas, but is a poignant reminder of our great need for help from the Lord.

The verse from 1 John 3 comes to mind today. "...let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth." 1John 3:18 We (myself included) pay a lot of 'lip-service' to the idea of helping the less fortunate, and maybe honestly feel that we need to help, but fail to take the action steps to make a difference. We aren't all called to missions or full time ministry, but we are all called as Believers to help those in need.

Here's where Sean and I are going to start:


Thankful for summer!

I nearly can't describe in words how excited I am that it is summer. Never-the-less, I will attempt (since this is a blog). I really got sick of always putting things off...often the most important things! I was always waiting to spend time with Sean until my paper was finished (which was never ending, by the way), didn't call my parents b/c of how busy I was, and malnourished important friendships. I can't wait to be done with work and not have any other school-related responsibilities in the evening! I'm ready to be a better wife, daughter, and friend!

When I finished finals I spent a couple of really good days in Branson with my parents. They have moved to a sweet condo at the Landing, so it's pretty fun to stay there! Here is a picture of my brother and I down by the lake...

Yesterday, our friend Tiffany graduated from medical school here at MU! She is a really special friend to us and we're so proud of her! The grad party was really fun...here's a pic of Sean and I with Dr. Tiffany Bohon! :)

It was sad to say bye to some of our good friends, Kaitlyn and Brandon today. Their summer internships for our Health Administration coursework are out of town. We are going to visit Kaitlyn in Colorado this summer and are way excited for that time! To cheer me up today we decided to put together a pretty planter for our little deck. Pretty flowers, sweet basil, and cilantro! We'll see if we can keep them alive. My sweet husband is making crab and asparagus omelette's now...yummy!

p.s. I'm really thankful for spellcheck!


A year (ish) in review

Here it is...our first blog post. Since I've had intentions of starting this a year ago, I'm going to do a quick post to catch everyone up on what our lives have been like since then. I'm a list maker...always have been. The feeling of checking something off a to-do list is for some reason very exciting to me. Here's a top 10 this past year:

1. Got married
2. Moved back to Columbia
3. I've started my masters in Healthcare Administration
4. Sean works with the MU cheerleaders as their athletic trainer and Best Buy
5. Had our one year wedding anniversary
6. Witnessed success in both MU football and basketball
7. Took a trip to Chicago
8. Sean travelled to Florida with the cheer squad for nationals
9. I'm half way finished with my masters
10. Slowly picking up the sport of Golf.

Actually, as I write the list it seems a little short on substance. I feel like I'm busy ALL the time....always rushing from one meeting to another or trying to get my 5th paper of the week in on time. It's a good reminder that busyness can easily get in the way of fruitful life.
Here are some pics:

Our apartment:

Sean with the cheerleaders:

At the Big XII basketball championship

In Chicago:

That's all for now. These pictures take forever to upload!