A year (ish) in review

Here it is...our first blog post. Since I've had intentions of starting this a year ago, I'm going to do a quick post to catch everyone up on what our lives have been like since then. I'm a list maker...always have been. The feeling of checking something off a to-do list is for some reason very exciting to me. Here's a top 10 this past year:

1. Got married
2. Moved back to Columbia
3. I've started my masters in Healthcare Administration
4. Sean works with the MU cheerleaders as their athletic trainer and Best Buy
5. Had our one year wedding anniversary
6. Witnessed success in both MU football and basketball
7. Took a trip to Chicago
8. Sean travelled to Florida with the cheer squad for nationals
9. I'm half way finished with my masters
10. Slowly picking up the sport of Golf.

Actually, as I write the list it seems a little short on substance. I feel like I'm busy ALL the time....always rushing from one meeting to another or trying to get my 5th paper of the week in on time. It's a good reminder that busyness can easily get in the way of fruitful life.
Here are some pics:

Our apartment:

Sean with the cheerleaders:

At the Big XII basketball championship

In Chicago:

That's all for now. These pictures take forever to upload!


  1. your blog is so cute!!! and the picture you have up at the top with the tree is beautiful!!!!

  2. Hey Nicole,
    I am really glad that you are doing a blog. It is really fun to watch what people are up to. If you want you can follow my blog too...spallozzi.blogspot.com.

  3. Yeah! Nicole is a blogger now. So, so fun! Loved the picture with Sean and all the MU cheerleaders. Ha!