Thankful for summer!

I nearly can't describe in words how excited I am that it is summer. Never-the-less, I will attempt (since this is a blog). I really got sick of always putting things off...often the most important things! I was always waiting to spend time with Sean until my paper was finished (which was never ending, by the way), didn't call my parents b/c of how busy I was, and malnourished important friendships. I can't wait to be done with work and not have any other school-related responsibilities in the evening! I'm ready to be a better wife, daughter, and friend!

When I finished finals I spent a couple of really good days in Branson with my parents. They have moved to a sweet condo at the Landing, so it's pretty fun to stay there! Here is a picture of my brother and I down by the lake...

Yesterday, our friend Tiffany graduated from medical school here at MU! She is a really special friend to us and we're so proud of her! The grad party was really fun...here's a pic of Sean and I with Dr. Tiffany Bohon! :)

It was sad to say bye to some of our good friends, Kaitlyn and Brandon today. Their summer internships for our Health Administration coursework are out of town. We are going to visit Kaitlyn in Colorado this summer and are way excited for that time! To cheer me up today we decided to put together a pretty planter for our little deck. Pretty flowers, sweet basil, and cilantro! We'll see if we can keep them alive. My sweet husband is making crab and asparagus omelette's now...yummy!

p.s. I'm really thankful for spellcheck!

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