27 and Independence Day

On July 2nd I turned 27 and we had a great day! We joined some friends at the pool for a bit, then Kaitlyn watched Carson for a couple of hours while Sean spoiled me with a shopping trip. I haven't been shopping for me in a long time due to pregnancy, but this trip was timed perfectly so I could get some new goodies for my return to work (next week). I am sad it's time to go back, but will be able to work from home a couple of days a week and Sean's cousin Kaitlyn will be watching Carson at our house the other three days for the next six weeks. I'm thankful for a flexible job and have to remind myself this is harder for me than it is Carson. There may be a time in the future where I don't work outside the home, but for now this is the best for our family and I'm trying to be obedient to that. 
My haul from the shopping trip. LOFT was having a great sale and I lucked out at Forever 21, too.
On the 3rd we hosted a BBQ to celebrate my b-day and Independence Day with friends. It was neat to have friends from high school, work and church all in our home together. 
4th of July cutie.

Pretty blue eyes.

Kait and Jacob - so thankful they are in the same town as us!

Sean has had these American flag Converse shoes since 8th grade. They used to be worn a lot more, but now (thankfully) only make an appearance on this appropriate holiday.

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