Carson Ruby meets her Great Grandma Ruby

Last weekend my parents came in town with a couple of extra special visitors, my Grandma Ruby (whom Carson is named after) and my Aunt Dede from San Antonio. I am so thankful Carson was able to meet her namesake! 
Carson and her great grandma. Her cheek is red because since learning to roll over, she likes to sleep on her side. Her sensitive skin has toughened some since then and doesn't get quite so irritated anymore.
I was blessed to have 8 grandparents growing up and I usually tell people they were all different. Grandma Ruby was the classic grandma, though -- baking with us, taking us camping, documenting our childhood meticulously. She is strong but gentle, witty and very kind...all characteristics I hope our little girl exhibits, too.

Grandma had quite the trip! They flew from SA to STL, where Dad picked them up and drove to Springfield, IL to visit her sister, who is unfortunately sick. They then drove back to Branson for a couple of days of relaxing, attending shows and even going out on the lake. Dad drove everyone to Fayetteville last weekend for a quick visit since I had sorority stuff here in Fayetteville and couldn't make it to Branson. She had a good time, but I'm sure was thankful to be home. The assisted living facility where she is threw her a welcome back party! 
Aunt Dede and sleepy Carson. 

I love this face so much! I didn't know I was capable of this kind of love and am so thankful the Lord sought it fit to add her to our family!

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