Carson: four months old

Hard to believe we are 1/3 of the way to Carson's first birthday! During my pregnancy and early in Carson's life I always felt so eager for the next milestone {some, like smiling, were SO needed for this mama}...but now that she's meeting new milestones so quickly I just want press pause. I feel like we just barely enjoy one before she learns a new "trick." 

Here is what she's up to at 4 months:
She weighs 14 pounds 11oz (75%)
She is  25.75 inches long (95%)
She wears mostly 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers still, though we are ordering size 2 diapers this weekend (Sean finds great deals on diapers through Amazon). Depending on the brand, she can do some 3-6 size clothes, too.
She eats every three hours during the day, the last of which is at 8pm. Still sleeping through the night.
She doesn't need the swaddle anymore. I do still put a blanket around her legs, just because I think she feels cold to me otherwise, but she usually has kicked it off by morning.
She takes 3 naps, each about an hour long, throughout the day and usually wants a catnap around 6:30pm.
She learned to blow raspberries {a nicer way to say she spits more, ha}, grabs items with her hands and giggles regularly.
She rolls over to her belly all of the time and can roll back, but doesn't often yet. 
She has started sucking her thumb some, usually if it's right at eating time or if she's really tired.
We feel really blessed by our childcare options. Her daycare (3x/week) room is run by two very loving ladies who have been at the same daycare for 11 and 19 years. The other two days a week a sitter, Becca, comes over and she is wonderful! 
She still likes her bouncy seat (though I think she's going to outgrow it this month) and her playmat. We just started putting her in the jumper/bumbo/and highchair and she seems to be doing great in all of those.
She handled her 4 mos shots like a champ -- a little sore, but no major reaction.

Carson Ruby, 
Sometimes I feel like my heart could burst with joy and love for you. One of my most favorite moments with you is right before you fall asleep and you nuzzle into my neck -- your little lips are perfectly puckered and I always wish I could capture that in a picture somehow. I hope the mental picture never leaves my memory. The way you light up when your dad or I walk into the room is precious, too. Just about anyone can get you to smile, but you definitely know who your parents are and we get a special smile and look of excitement from you. You really are an incredibly happy baby and for that we are so thankful. Being a mom is such a humbling experience and I think it's pretty cool God created you as a means to refine my character. We love you deeply, little girl. 


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