Recent Crafts

Here are a few of my most recent crafts. I feel like I craft/sew in waves -- a lot at once, then nothing for a while. Surprisingly, I haven't really sewn much for Carson yet, but look forward to some cute ideas around the holidays this fall. 
Mizzou football wreath. I'm going to be really upset if someone steals this from our door (for some reason that's always a concern of mine since we live in another college town). I just used burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby, a straw wreath ands some u-shape push pins. The football is foam and I spray painted the MU black (also from Hobby Lobby). 
I made these bows for Carson and her two girlfriends, Caroline and Elliott. I just watched a tutorial on youtube for the bow tying, then used my silhouette with heat flocked transfer material for the monogram letters.
I also made a bag tag for Carson's diaper bag. I purchased some Scotch brand clear luggage tags, then created and printed the design on our comp at home. It's not perfect, but will work for now! Not bad for $1.

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