Five year wedding anniversary

This weekend was so much fun! On March 15th we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and Sean really worked hard to make sure I felt relaxed and loved during the weekend. Due to my pregnancy and Sean's work schedule, we weren't able to take an extended vacation far away, so Sean got creative and planned a getaway here in NWA. Our marriage is not perfect, but I'm certain Sean is perfect for me. He made me feel really special this weekend, but also does a great job of this on a daily basis. He not only knows my love languages, he's fluent in them. I am incredibly thankful God picked him for me and really look forward to seeing him become a daddy soon! It is my prayer (feel free to join in, too) that as we navigate parenthood together -- the good and the bad -- our marriage would be strengthened, not divided, and the priority of God first, Sean second and Carson third would consistently be on my mind.

On Friday he left me a note at home saying he had a fun weekend planned and I needed to pack a bag. He rented a fun car and booked a room at the Aloft Hotel in Bentonville. Aloft is dog friendly, so Wyatt enjoyed his first hotel experience -- they even give you a dog bed, bowls, treats and a toy! Friday night we had dinner at Table Mesa on the square in Bentonville and it was so yummy. Their staff was very kind and acknowleged our anniversary multiple times, including a free Tres Leche cake dessert. After dinner we walked around the square for a bit then headed back to the hotel.

This is the only picture I took the whole weekend. I was really trying to just enjoy the time instead of documenting it for others to see. Fitting image, as they are two boys I love very much!
Saturday was beautiful weather -- near 80 degrees! We grabbed breakfast near the hotel then had massages. Apparently the massage just wore me out (ha) b/c it was followed up with a nap. Then we headed out to Crystal Bridges to sight see and take Wyatt on a long walk through their pretty trails. Sean gave me a gift card for our anniversary, so next we headed to the Promendade for some shopping. We had dinner at the Flying Fish (yummy, really bad for you food) then hit up HomeGoods and Andy's for a thin mint concrete. :)

Sunday we headed back home, did a little work in the nursery and mostly just relaxed around the house. It was really just what we needed -- some undivided quality time together to talk, laugh and just enjoy each others' company. There's no one in the world I would rather be with than Sean Huddleston.

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