Fayetteville Baby Shower

This past weekend was Carson's first baby shower, hosted by girlfriends from Bible study. The girls did a great job with food and decorations. I am so used to throwing/hosting a party that it sort of feel weird to just relax and let others love on me. It was really fun to have friends and coworkers together -- I was certainly humbled by everyone's generosity. I don't always do well as the center of attention (i.e.: opening gifts in front of a lot of people), but I hope each girl there knows how much they mean to me!

Fun name banner. I think I will hang in the nursery.

Prayer cards for baby.

Mom got me this cute, springy dress -- and it was snowing on the day of the shower! Added a scarf and jacket to make it more 'seasonally' appropriate.

Heather, Kaitlyn, me, Sarah, Amanda

Mom came down for this shower, too.
The spread.

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