Be Amazed...I am!

So I got my new sewing machine in the mail on Wednesday. Love it. With some great advice from my Aunt Dana (sewer extraordinaire) and a couple of visits to local sewing shops I found a great deal on a machine online. (Used to retail for $450 and I got it for just $160)

Well...I know nothing about sewing machines...how to threat them, how to fill the bobbin with thread, what all the stitches do, etc. BUT, I figured I'm a pretty smart kid and could just learn how to do it on my own. Since I am very much a visual and tactile learner, I decided to just take the plunge and buy a pattern, some fabric, and get started on my first project. The ladies at Joann's thought I was nuts, as I couldn't even read the pattern properly. A few sighs of frustration, some needle pricks, and 5 hours later I ended up with this fall corduroy skirt:

Pretty amazing, right?? I'm sure if you're a pro sewer you could point out what's wrong with it, but for my first project I'm super happy with the outcome. I learned that many patterns are going to be on sale next week for $0.99 and plan to stock up on options.

Also, I feel it's appropriate to warn some of you that it's my goal to have an entirely homemade Christmas (i.e.: baking, sewing, scrap booking). So if you were hoping for that easy bake oven or Lady Gaga's newest hit single, you're going to be out of luck. I promise to put lots of love and labor into your gifts, though!

We are having a couple of friends over for the Mizzou game tonight...I'll post pictures tomorrow.
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  1. A few things: 1. Your apartment is lovely and spacious. I am now inspired to clean out and consolidate in an effort to achieve a lighter, more open floor plan like yours. 2. I am SO impressed with the skirt. If you want someone to go to JoAnn's with, I'm your woman.