I love Craigslist. I love finding good deals and the fact that both people (seller and buyer) feel like they're ripping the other person off. It takes work, though, to search through all of the crap to find the gems buried deep in searches. That work can have a good payoff, though.

I have two frustrations with Craigslist: when pictures are not attached (save potential buyers some time and upload a quick pic or two), and when items are misrepresented. Here are a couple of examples of misrepresented rejects from the local listings:

Here are some 'stunning' boots for potential buyers. Stunningly awful.

Maybe it's just a different in personal taste, but I don't find this couch to be either 'beautiful' or 'practically new.'Can someone enlighten me as to why a potential buyer would pay $400 for this 'one of a kind' artwork? No explanation needed for this one. This bed is clearly at least 30 years old, but was listed as 'beautiful' and 'awesome'

Sellers lure you into their posting with additional characters like !!! --- *** and descriptive words such as beautiful, awesome, stunning, like new, etc. Too often I'm disappointed by the actual product for sale. The occasional good find is usually enough to keep faith my in Craigslist. {I scored Sean a new Timbuk2 bag for super cheap yesterday, for example}

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  1. Hilarious . . . have you ever seen yousuckatcraigslist.com ?