Random updates and adoption reads

I'm here and will have some craft posts up soon. I love to craft. A lot. But sometimes life just takes other turns. I'm in the 10th week of study of Beth Moore's Daniel study - it's fantastic! I have to approach it like an actual class otherwise I will get behind on my daily assignments. I encourage you to check it out - you can buy the book online or in a local bookstore and download the video sessions on iTunes!

Sean is eager to finish school. Prayers for wisdom as we start the discussions on our next steps would be awesome.

We really love our church and small group here in Fayetteville. Both have made our transition in this city SO much easier and we feel more comfortable here than ever. 

I've been reading and trying to learn a lot about adoption and orphan care, something that Jesus called his followers to be a part of. We're not really sure how adoption will fit into our lives, so for now I'm just trying to learn a lot about the process, educate myself and Sean and staying in prayer. There's so much information out there! Here are a few of my favorite reads online if you want to check them out:

How to support a family going through the process of adoption. She writes with a good sense of humor and transparency what not to do and what would be helpful.

Katie Davis, a 22 year old who has started a great ministry in Uganda. She has taken in 13 girls and it's interesting to see her view on adoption in context of the devastation the children are facing.

Evangelical Adoption Crusade This one is long but a good read. The writer has a pretty cynical view towards Christians adopting, taking a few notable examples (i.e. the group who got caught trying to sneak children across the Haitian border post earthquake) and trying to turn it into a larger message. I wouldn't stand by a lot of what she discusses, but there are some interesting facts on the number of adoptions and how adoption patterns have changed over time.

A Christianity Today response to the above article. This takes some of the points of the previous article and talks about what we might need to learn from her criticisms.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I feel like I keep seeing and hearing so much about adoption and would love to read more. I'm especially interested in the one about supporting someone who is adopting, since some of our friends are in the process. Oh, and I'll be praying really hard that God leads you back to Columbia. :)

  2. Nicole, thanks for posting! I am doing Beth's Breaking Free now and it is WONDERFUL. I would really recommend it. I will look into Daniel... that's my son's name also, so I have an interest in learning a bit more about a real life hero of the same name to teach him how to aspire.

    I've also felt the need to assist orphans and widows. I also feel a bit cynical of American's rescuing children for their own pride issues. I have many friends who have adopted - maybe 5?- and their children have impacted their families in ways they did not expect and have brought out the best AND the worst. Right now, I think I'll continue to pray, hope for a short term mission, do some $ work for them or blog about awareness - like the time I did a cloth diaper drive for an orphanage - and that kind of thing. My husband feels domestic adoption, specifically a non-aborted child, would be our calling, and that is interesting to think about since I picture a young child with dark skin.

  3. Funny that you are studying Daniel. Our Bible study did Daniel last semester....it's like we are still learning together! :)