Naming our little girl

Let's just start off with the fact that naming a human is tough business! Some people have preferences before they are even pregnant, but Sean didn't really want to talk names until we knew the gender and I was ok with that. People are very opinionated about baby names and from now on I will know to just be supportive and positive, whether I personally like the name or not.

I have kept an ongoing list of possible baby names on my iPhone for quite a while (admit it...you have one, too!) and it turns out we're not using any of them. I like girly names (think Lyla, Macy, etc.) but Sean wasn't so keen on them. We do both, however, really like gender neutral names. Thus, we landed on Carson Ruby Huddleston.
Carson just clicked with us -- it's a name that is growing in popularity for girls, but often has other spellings (Karsyn, Karsen, etc.). We decided to keep it simple so she doesn't have to correct people on the spelling her whole life. The middle name is very special to me and one that Sean was happy to honor. She is named after my paternal grandmother, Ruby, and I announced that at her 80th birthday party this weekend. If you would like to see a copy of the toast I read at the party, you can click here.  

We are moving into another house next week, after which we will start preparations for miss Carson. Our 19 week ultrasound showed a healthy baby girl -- this really is such a miracle to be growing a baby! God has shown us much favor throughout this process and I hope that somehow He is glorified through this pregnancy.


  1. I love the name, and I totally have a baby name list on my iPhone. ;)

  2. cute! so fun that you could pick a name! i'll be praying for baby Carson!

  3. Love the name! Love the toast to your grandma even more! What a special moment that must have been for her!!