Turning the big 2-3, ya'll.

For my birthday, Sean took me to Sycamore in downtown Columbia. The food was wonderful there and we really liked the overall atmosphere. The weather was beautiful, so we just spent the rest of the evening at a park downtown enjoying some fresh air and great people watching! :) 23 is a strange age to turn because I feel 'in transition.' I'm not a kid, but not really an adult yet. Sean and I are so thankful for this season that God has us in and are so excited to find out what the upcoming year is going to bring. We grabbed some Coldstone to continue the birthday celebration, so Sean thought it would be appropriate to order a Cake 'n Shake. aka: a piece of cake blended with cake batter ice cream and milk. It was probably half of his daily recommended calorie intake. My mom and I made a trip to San Antonio to spend some time with family after the passing of my great grandfather. His memorial was very nice -- full of stories and people who were impacted by him. The picture below is my Aunt Dana, me, my mom, and my Nanny. I love this picture! We had a great time together, despite the ridiculously HOT weather! Quick trips to TX are bittersweet because there are so many people to see that we're not able to spend a whole lot of time with any single person. Our motto was 'a little time is better than no time.' We sure to wish we could just meet up for dinner whenever we wanted to!

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