Uniquely Me.

1. I turn clockwise when I sleep at night. ie: from my back to my right side, then to my tummy and then left side. It's what's comfortable to me.
2. Favorite food: day old lasagna. It's always better the next day for some reason.
3. I always want a glass of milk after eating ice cream.
4. I love warm towels...even folding warm towels is refreshing to me.
5. A great moment in the day is when I open the door after a shower and the cool air rushes in.
6. Cleaning is fun for me...I think because I get to see the end result quickly. Instant gratification.
7. Sean gives me a massage every night to help me fall asleep. He has such a servant's heart!
8. Sour patch kids are probably my favorite candy. I always eat 3/4 of the red ones first, followed by green, orange, then the remaining 1/4 of the red. No yellow for me.
9. Learning is a passion of mine. I will probably want to be either in school or in academia for the rest of my life. (maybe with a few breaks, though)
10. God wrote my husbands name on my heart when I was 15...and mine on his when he was 14. (it took me a couple of years to come around)
11. Marriage is such a blessing. Not only to have a friend and comforter in my husband, but it also provides (many) opportunities to sharpen my beliefs and actions to be more like Christ's.
12. House is my favorite TV show. Partly b/c I like his sense of humor and partly b/c I'm amazed at how good Hugh's American accent is. (we're on a first name basis)
13. I use ellipses a lot when I write e-mails or letters...
14. Pandora radio is one of the best creations of the modern world. My current favorite station is coldplay with some dave matthews variety thrown in.
15. I pretty much only drink water. Not really for any particular reason other than I love it.
16. I could probably win a contest for best sleeper. I sleep SO deeply...pretty much nothing wakes me up.
17. I love warm weather and hope to be moving further south very soon. (We're thinking of Fayetteville, AR...which is really just a ploy to get closer to TX...and for Sean to get his masters.)
18. I'm trying to pick up golf and reading for pleasure. It's going well in the summer, but we'll see what happens when I start school again.
19. I never listen to the words of songs...well, rarely. I just like the beats, I guess. On multiple occasions I have expressed by love for a song when Sean gently reminds me that it is about a man beating his wife, or some other version of inappropriateness.
20. If JCrew would give me one of everything they make, I would consider giving them a kidney in return.
21. I'm SUPER inquisitive...always have been.
22. I'm thankful...for so many things: grace, finding joy in little things, my sweet husband and my supportive family to name a few.
So, that's some of 'me'...a work in progress, continually growing.

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