My Grandpa is with Jesus!

I have been so blessed to grow up with eight grandparents! Each of them are unique and so special to me. This week, my grandpa (Glen Barnard) passed away. How joyful that he is now in heaven! God's timing is spectacular - I happen to already be in San Antonio and with my grandma on his last day on this earth. I'm very thankful I was there to say goodbye and to spend time with family just before and after his passing.
My grandpa (also a Mizzou graduate, by the way!) was such a special man. He was a very loving husband to my grandma and set an excellent example of servanthood in marriage. I think I gained my appreciation for education from him, as he was always encouraging me to be a good student and often shared the math problems in the morning papers with me growing up. He was active in his church, kind to everyone he met and had a great sense of humor. Although he will be greatly missed by many, we are so thankful we can rest in the knowledge of his presence in heaven!
I have more pictures and stories to share from my trip to San Antonio, which I'll post soon.

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