Weekend in review

This weekend was so fun! Sean and I know we have limited weekends left here in Columbia and are really trying to make the most of them. Saturday was the MU black and gold scrimmage -- Sean let me come on the sideline with him. From this picture it looks like no one was there, but the stands in front of us were pretty full. :)
Saturday night was the MU Cheerleading formal -- there was some great people watching, let me tell you! I actually had a lot of fun getting dressed up {it's not something I get to do much anymore after finishing both high school and sorority life}.
I scored this dress for $19.99 at TJMaxx -- love that place! PLUS -- I learned halfway through the night that it has pockets!
Like my necklace?? I made it and will post more about that next time! It's my current craft project crush.
I hit up Goodwill today looking for my next project to work on, but came up empty handed. I just wasn't feeling it today. We did, however, get some really good Spring cleaning done around our apartment and will head to JoAnns later in hopes of getting some sewing inspiration. My dad is coming to visit this week, which is exciting! Also, I think Sean and I will have an upcoming interview for a magazine -- I'll share more on that later this week when I know more about it.

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  1. You guys looked cute at the formal. I just love a good bargain. I found a $5 dress/shirt deal at Target a few days ago. Such a feeling of warmth and success. LOL!!