We made it to Arkansas! This was my view for our 6 hour drive:
{excellent gas mileage behind the big truck, though}
The heroes of the move were:
My husband, the truck driver
Magic erasers --- HOW DO THEY WORK??!!
Unfortunately, we still have rooms that look like this.
We LOVE what we've seen of Fayetteville so far! Things seem pretty relaxed and the city has a good community 'vibe' to it. Other bonuses: 2 Hobby Lobby's, HUGE Goodwill stores and a Hancock fabric store.

  More pics of our new home to come. After rooms stop looking like the above picture. :)
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  1. good luck getting your new house together! cant wait to see pics and how you decorate with your craftiness! woo hoo for the huge goodwill store!!

  2. the hobby lobby off 540 on the fayetteville/springdale border is fabulous! cheap thrills off of the square is a great thrift store!