New series: Turning a rental property into a home

Renting is still the right option for us. Although I hate the idea of spending hundreds of dollars a month and not building any equity, we're neither financially nor life season stable enough to buy a house. Alas, at least the next two years of our life will be in a rental home.
Renting provides unique challenges for decorating. Often painting is not an option, there's always a looming reminder of it's transitory nature, and budget constraints are ever present. Each of these challenges combined is leading to my new blog series: Turning a rental property into a home. I'll share with you come of my sewing and craft projects for the home, as well as other inspirational ideas for inexpensive and creative ways to make your house feel more like a home. Join me on my journey through thrift shops, Pier 1 sales, and the aisles of Hobby Lobby as I help build our new home on the cheap. For the readers of this blog who prefer clothing crafts, I'm sure some of those will be peppered in as well. :)

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  1. I'm excited to read about it all! You've already mentioned two of my favorite places: Hobby Lobby and Pier 1. Do you have a HOME GOODS??? That's my very favorite.

  2. I love this idea. We have always rented and I have ALWAYS had trouble making our rentals feel like home. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  3. So excited! I love this idea...we have been renovating our home, but VERY inexpensively since we're not sure how long we'll be here. I'd love for you to check out our latest remodel!