Fayetteville at Christmas time

The Fayetteville square looks like this around Christmas. Pretty great, right?

In need of some holiday cheer a couple weeks ago, we suited up for the Fayetteville Christmas parade. {Side note, Jon Stewart has this hilarious, yet mildly inappropriate clip on the 'war on Christmas'...Stephen Colbert has another funny video here}

The best surprise of the parade is that the grand marshalls were members of the Duggar family. Yes, I was abnormally excited about this. Yes, I took a picture. www.duggarfamily.com
They live in the area. People said I would never see them around, but a couple days later I ran into Michelle (the mom) and Joy-Anna at Pier One. Weird, right? Only in Arkansas.
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  1. I think I would have taken a photo of the Duggars, too! I would have also tried to talk to them in Peir One. I am not sure what I would have asked them. Maybe a suggestion for my current lack of baby name for my unborn child? I bet she has lots of ideas. I think I would also want to say something else, but I would feel like a creepy stalker!

  2. Saw the Duggars at Silver Dollar City one day and I *did* work up all my courage and go speak to Mrs Duggar. She had just announced her pregnancy with number 18, and I wanted to congratulate her. She was very sweet and 'real'. I even took my kids to meet them later on that day and she remembered their ages and names that I had told her earlier and spoke to each one giving each a compliment! Very nice lady and very nice family!