Quick and easy baby gift

Sean's preceptor this semester is going to have a baby in the next couple of months, so I whipped up this super easy and fast gift for her baby boy.
I freezer paper stenciled the 'j' on to the onesie {block letters are so quick!} then sewed a panel of flannel {rhyme intended} to a burp cloth. Isn't that robot fabric so cute?! Perfect for a little boy :) I found it in the clearance pile at JoAnns a month or so ago. I have a ton of extra, so I'll probably add something to my Etsy shop soon.

Seriously took maybe 15 minutes {thanks to the help of a blow dryer for the paint} and cost maybe $3 in materials.

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  1. Love the robots. I saw some alien fabric at Butterfly Tattoo that was also adoreable. It's difficult to find cute things for boys, but robots, aliens, and monsters make the cut.