Lots of snow

We got a TON of snow yesterday -- over 18" to be exact. That shattered the previous record of 11" set over a decade ago. Needless to say, northwest Arkansas has essentially shut down. Wyatt really loves to run around in the snow, but I'm concerned about how cold he gets (the actual temp this am was -15, crazy!) so we play outside in moderation. Luckily, warmer weather (60s) is on the horizon.
You can see how deep the snow is in the video.

Other updates:
1. Job is going so well -- I love what I do and am learning a lot.
2. Sean is now working with Razorback football.
3. I've had quite a few dress orders come through online recently, so I've been busy sewing those.
4. I love Big Bang Theory -- it's been a lifesaver during the past few snow days. Such a funny show with smart humor.
5. I'm doing a training program called couch to 5k -- in week three right now and doing well.
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