Snow day sewing

It is so COLD outside! I bought Wyatt a thicker hoodie jacket so he would brave the cold. {Side note: why do pet clothing manufacturers find it necessary to put a bone on every dog item? I promise I'm not going to mistake it for my own t-shirt. I removed the silicone bone emblem from his jacket when we got home.}

I was home for the past couple of days from work due to the snow and ice. Sean was off of school, too, which was fun! We did a lot of lounging, watched lots of Big Bang Theory and I caught up on a little sewing. Here's a couple cute dress and bloomer sets for my coworker's daughter. I better get moving behind the machine because I got three dress orders this week! {my theory is that people are stuck inside browsing the internet and spending money}
lol... Wyatt found himself a nice warm spot last night on my heating pad. I got up to grab something and he promptly took my spot. Fair enough...I didn't call seat backs.

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  1. How much are those dresses? They are so cute!!

  2. Wyatt seems like he's a snuggle bunny like Barney. I love your crafty ideas....super cute baby clothes

  3. I love the fun, multicolored floral print. You choose great fabrics.

  4. @Lyndsey - The dresses sell for $15 and the bloomers for $9. They are precious!