baby fever

Baby fever is serious. I mean...it's serious when a real baby has a real fever, but it's also serious when a non-baby owner has unreasonable desired to add one to the mix.

That is me. At least...this week that is me. It tends to change depending on my schedule, how many babies I'm around, etc. For the first time ever someone told me that they didn't think Sean and I wanted kids. I know it's silly, but that kind of hurt my feelings! Of course we want kids! The fact that Sean and I both desired to finish grad school and we staggered it has slowed down the process.

Our conscience thoughts affect our subconscious thoughts. Do you ever have dreams that feel SO real?? Well, last night I dreamt I was pregnant. Here's how it went:

I wanted an alcoholic drink while on vacation in Mexico -- Sean informed me that next Tuesday I will be 12.5 weeks pregnant {odd that he knew i was with child before myself} and that the alcoholic drink wouldn't be a wise idea. We told my parents, who were apprehensive about how we would afford the baby {probably would be their real life reaction too}.

When we got home from vacation I started making plans immediately. I met with my office, all of whom are guys, to describe my expectations during pregnancy and my plan to work from home after the baby was born. {that's how it works in the real world, right?...just get to choose how and where you work?} They all agreed.

It all felt so real to me that when I woke up I grabbed my phone and started to go to craigslist.com to look for maternity clothes! I felt both silly and my belly to make sure I wasn't pregnant in real life.

Could we have a baby now? Sure. Would it be easier on all parties if I waited about another 1.5 years? Absolutely. I desire to honor God's timing and trust in Him. This will all happen when He is darn well ready for it to!


  1. Yes, yes, yes... baby fever is real! I suggest that (aside from trusting God with your maternal instincts and family planning) if you want a baby in 2 years, do so many things that I want to do right now with a 1.5 year old and a non-born baby... go to ball games, wear really hot sundresses, have a beer, have a day of total silence in your house, etc. Oh, how the dreams of a 9 month pregnant woman are different than dreaming of being pregnant when you aren't!!

  2. girl, isn't this so hard! i had a dream close to this last week too. i always wake up a little sad but totally checking my stomach :) we've been married for 4 and have 5 more years of school, so i'm not sure we're going to make it... God's timing is perfect! glad i'm not the only one dreaming though!

  3. i love the aprons, and your openness and honesty.