Happy Birthday, Wyatt!

Yesterday was Wyatt's first birthday! Here are some pics to document the celebration.

Yes, I made him a birthday hat. They were selling for $13 at a dog store here in F-ville. No thanks, I'll just make one.
Here's his pupcake.

He ate the icing first. A dog after my own heart.

Birthday boy bandanna to wear to the dog park!

Here's his b-day goodies. Some treats, a new bone and some detangler. ;)

He loves his new bone....

Clearly...it already looks like this. Dang. Anyone know of good, strong rope bones?

At the end of the day he was tuckered out. My heart felt so full as my puppy snuggled on my chest. I'm sure someday that feeling will be replaced an even greater fullness from a snuggling baby, but for now Wyatt suffices.

Happy Birthday, Wyatt. We love you!

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