Haiti Trip Update

In less than two months I will be in Haiti. Assisting with surgeries, trying to love and serve others, and seeking a changed worldview. My heart and mind aren't prepared. Not sure if they ever will be, but I trust that my Jesus will help me along the way.

I've got 4 weeks left of fundraising time and I'm about half way to my goal! So many of you have responded in faithfulness whether it be in prayer, donations for the mission or financial gifts.

I for sure want to do my part to raise money for the trip, so if there's something {anything} I can help you out with let me know -- sewing, crafting, cleaning your house, walking your dog, babysitting.

Some specific prayer requests for this stage of the journey: continued growth in mental and emotional preparedness, that I would use my time and resources here in the US before the trip in ways that will be most impactful for Haiti, financial goals to be met.

This is a video the mission put together about some of the challenges people in Haiti are facing today. Heartbreaking.

Where is Hope? from NWHCM on Vimeo.

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