Book Review: Out Live Your Life

Last night I finished one of Max Lucado's most recent books: Out Live Your Life. This book's purpose is to call believers to an authentic Christian faith by challenging us to make a difference in the lives of others. 

He often mentions that 'someone cannot do everything, but everyone can do something' which I think is a great reminder. Sometimes I feel like I have to do a grand gesture for it to make a difference and the reminder that even small acts if kindness can be very influential was a breath of fresh air.

This book is a quick read that walks through the book of Acts while engaging readers with real-world examples. It's simple enough that you won't get lost in the theology speak, but provoking enough to offer great topics of conversation and thought. One of my favorite parts are the beautiful prayers provided at the end of each chapter, asking God to help me understand and apply the topic just covered. 

Some of the topics/ideas covered include: how God uses ordinary people, encouraging us to engage with our culture and those different from us, reminding us that there is no person on this Earth Jesus doesn't care for and that when we provide for those in need, we are caring for Jesus as well as the importance of frequent and genuine hospitality.

I think this is a 4 star read. It's an easy read that covers some not-so-easy topics. It was great encouragement for me to be more authentic with my faith and just start loving other people. I didn't know until the end, but there is a questions section in the back to make this into more of a study. I wouldn't say that there was any earth-shattering news here, but it was beautifully put together and the delivery of the message is great.

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