Pinspiration - nail polish necklace

Well I finally completed a project I found on pinterest! I really should go back through older pins and actually do some of the things I have pinned. This one was quick and easy!

Colored nail polish
Tiny paint brushes
Rhinestone/gemstone necklace

I'm really loving a lot of statement necklaces out there today, but didn't really want to pay $40 for something I wouldn't be wearing all that often. I found this gemstone necklace at JoAnn (with a coupon I paid $7). There is this new Tori Spelling line of jewelry that is pretty cool because the necklaces are interchangeable. They have little hooks on the chain part and you can swap out different front options. I didn't like the dark colored stones, though, so I added a pop of color with nail polish!
Supplies. I thought I would do a clear coat, but after leaving it overnight the paint felt sturdy enough to me, so I didn't do it.
Original necklace
In progress painting. I ended up doing about 4 coats of nail polish for full coverage.
I'll have to get a better pic than this, b/c this looks all one color. Actually, some are orange and some are pink -- my current favorite color combination.