Recent Crafting

Summer is such a fun and busy season! Sean and I have been on-the-go for weddings, showers, birthdays and all kinds of good celebrations. One of my favorite things about being crafty is making personalized gifts for our friends. Here are a few projects I have worked on recently:
Have you seen these new hair ties? I think the brand name is something like Emmy Jay and they sell for around $3 each. My cheap-o self figured I could make them on my own so I ordered a bunch of colorful fold over elastic and now have no shortage of hair ties that don't leave a crease. I saw an idea online to put a bunch of them in a jar for a friend's bday and will do that soon!
Some friends of ours are having baby boy Palmer in a few months and their shower was this past weekend. They are big Razorback fans, so I tried to combine a pig and my love of monograms for this cute outfit.
Our friends' little girl Zoey is turning two next week so I made this special birthday shirt for her to wear! I used fusible interfacing for the two, cupcake and candles then stitched around all edges. The frosting is ruffled chiffon that I hand stitched onto the shirt.
This is only sort of crafty, but has been a great project. My friends who post over at Thriving Home shared this prayer plan for wives to use when praying for their husbands. I took that list and wrote them out on a spiral index card, which I keep on my bathroom counter top. It has been a great physical reminder to be praying for Sean and over the course of 31 days covers a wide range of topics. I think it's neat Sean can see what I'm praying for each day, too. 


  1. All of this is just SO cute! That is a good idea to make your own hair ties...and I love those shorts and the cupcake shirt! Adorable!

  2. Glad to see you are using the prayer plan, Nicole! Thanks for the shout out. Let us know if you ever want to guest post! We'd love to share your creativity!

  3. very neat stuff Nicole! You are so talented! I especially love the birthday shirt!