Yesterday was my 26th birthday. It's pretty cool that everyone else celebrates my birthday with fireworks every year! ;) I really needed a pick-me-up yesterday and a birthday is a great way to get lots of fun messages, phone calls and cards. I felt very loved and really am looking forward to this next year. We celebrated with my family this past weekend and Sean took me to a nice dinner/TCBY yesterday. Here are some of the goodies I received for my birthday:
Sean got me a tripod for the camera he gave me on my anniversary. I feel legit now.
He also got me these cute wedges. I wore them out to my birthday dinner last night (followed by an entire tour of the TJ Maxx store) and they were really comfortable.
I love to vacuum. Like really love it. Last year my parents bought me this vacuum for my birthday and Sean could get the replacement bags at Best Buy at a good price. So...before he left BB he purchased 5 boxes, lol. We should be set for the next couple of years.....
My mom bought me this super cute beverage dispenser. We found a good deal on it at TJ Maxx.
My parents also bought me a pandora bracelet. I'm new to the Pandora world, but am excited to add various charms to it and love that they picked Mizzou ones first!
With my birthday money I think I'm going to purchase an embroidery/sewing machine combo. My love for monograms is motivation enough to make the purchase. I'm still doing a little research on models, but if you have one you like please let me know!

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