Life Lately

Sean and I have been on the go a lot recently, traveling to Branson for the past three weeks with another trip planned this weekend. We are lucky to have gracious parents who host us each week and take good care of us.
A couple of weeks ago we drove up to the Lake of the Ozarks for a wedding. Brandy (the bride) was a sorority sister of mine and president of Phi Mu the year after me. The reception was right on the lake and beautiful!
Last day at Best Buy -- no more blue polo and khakis.
Well...except for this blue polo and these khakis. This is a 6am photo from today -- Sean started his new job as the athletic trainer at Shiloh Christian High School. They really are lucky to have him -- he's a wonderful athletic trainer and will be an excellent example of a Godly man for the kids.
Wyatt loved having his face in the wind while out on the boat this weekend.
I look rough here w/o any makeup but my boys look cute.

Our church does a big fireworks display each year and last night we attended with a group of friends. If it weren't for God leading us to Cross Church Fayetteville and our small group we probably wouldn't be here anymore, but so thankful He did and we are!

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  1. your little pup, and you and Sean are just TOO CUTE! I love this post!