31 weeks and her name: Avery Kait!

Well, the second trimester of this pregnancy was seemingly over just as it started. It was full of making fun memories like Carson's 3rd birthday, a family trip to Gulf Shores and lots of swimming at the pool. My nesting phase has just started to kick in and we will be painting Avery's room in the next couple of weeks. Having another girl feels pretty natural to me and I'm excited to get the opportunity to reuse some of the same clothing, bedding, etc. Big sister Carson is doing very well with the idea of a new baby and often asks if they can please share a room. She is inclusive of Avery in family discussions, talks to her in my belly and is pretty confident she will be the first to hold her. We will see what it's like when baby is actually here, but so far her attitude has been an answered prayer. 

How far along: 31 weeks
Gender: A girl! Avery Kait Huddleston
Maternity clothes: Mostly yes for bottoms, or leggings. Tops are a mix.
Weight gain: 16 lb, a little more than with Carson but not too far off
Movement: All the time. More rolling motions and lots of hiccups.
Sleep: Pretty well still. I don't last in any position for very long, but a body pillow helps. 
Symptoms: By the end of the day I'm spent. Somehow I feel like my belly doubles in size throughout the day. Other than tiredness and some mild swelling at the end of the day, no remarkable symptoms to speak of.
Best moment this week: We just got back from a trip to the beach. We dubbed it "Big Sis Make A Wish" -- she's been asking to go to the beach pretty much every day for six months, so we spend a few days in Gulf Shores. She loved playing in the sand and was a little fish in the swimming pools. 

Sweet Avery, we are spending a lot of time in prayer and discussion preparing our hearts and home for your arrival. Your daddy, sister and I are all looking forward to meeting you soon and showing you off to our family and friends. Avery, your middle name is Kait -- you are named after your daddy's cousin (and my best friend) Kaitlyn and we hope that you exhibit many of the character qualities she has. Kaitlyn is loyal, honest, one of the funniest people we know, and a woman who loves Jesus and her family well. When picking someone in our family to name you after, this was an easy decision. You are loved by many already and we look forward to celebrating your arrival in the next couple of months. We are confident you are the perfect addition to our team and a gift from God. Love you, sweet girl. 

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