Carson: Age 3

A little late here, but Carson turned three in May! She brings us and so many others incredible amounts of joy. Sean and I often remark how quickly time passes and that three years flew by, but also how we can't really remember what life was like "BC - Before Carson." 
At age three:
- She loves to: skip naps, do craft projects/color, play dress up, watch princess movies  
- Some of her favorite people are: Studpa (my dad) and Nanny (my mom), her daddy
- Her best friends are: Aspen, Caroline, Levi
- She likes to eat: Macaroni and cheese, waffles, milk, most fruits
- She is incredibly smart and picks up on new skills very quickly. Her teachers often comment on her sharp she is. She knows most Bible stories by heart and we work with her on scripture memory as well. If Sean and I had to guess right now what she might be when she grows up, we would say a doctor or nurse. She's very bright, but also compassionate and caring. 
- She wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up and loves all things horse related

For her birthday party we had friends and family over for Pancakes and Pajamas. It was a cute theme that worked pretty well for little friends. We are thankful to everyone who came to help us celebrate!

My friend Lindsay made her cake -- isn't is awesome?! It tasted as good as it looked.

Kiddo table. Most of these kids are from our small group, but a couple from school/family.

Little cutie about to blow out her candle. This girl loves anything sweet! Some of her birthday gifts this year included: bike, scooter, play doh sets, outdoor toys, princess outfits, and play camping gear. My parents and Sean and I tried to focus on experiential gifts, so we got her a pony ride and my parents got her some memberships (summer pool and a play place nearby).

The day after her birthday she woke up and asked me why she wasn't four years old. :)

Carson Ruby, 
Being with you is one of my most favorite things. Whether we are just snuggling on the couch or playing at the park, you are a light to those around you. You get your strong will from your mama and your sense of humor and wit from your dad. You are sharp as a tack and nothing gets past you -- it's actually pretty amazing sometimes. We are confident you are going to do amazing things with your life and are so thankful we get to witness you grow up and be used by God. Carson, never forget how much you are loved by us -- to the moon and back! 

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