Handyman husband to the rescue!

Sean and I returned home from a long weekend to a broken washer. Having a washing machine is something that I have definitely taken for granted. After manually getting the water out of the tub with cups for fear of flooding the place once we started messing with the cycles, we had some time to research what the problem might be. We figured it out, Sean bought the part and replaced it in about 20 minutes! I'm so thankful for Sean's willingness to serve others! As a side note, the inside was SOO dirty (yuck!) so it took some scrubbing to get that back in shape. For anyone in a marriage you know that sometimes you are just 'on' as a couple...communicating well, working together as a team, and encouraging one another. While fixing a washing machine seems like a menial task, it was so fun to be working together with my husband to solve this problem, saving time and money in the process. Way to go Sean!!!

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