I blame it all on my roots...

This weekend Sean and I made a trip back to Branson to visit family for Father's Day and to help Sean's mom pack up some stuff from her house. There are times that having our families in the same city is a huge blessing, and there are other times that it gets stressful to try and cram everyone into the trip. We feel like we don't get quality time with any one person because we just don't have the time in one weekend. It really was an enjoyable trip, though! On Friday Sean's mom made us spaghetti (ahem...Sean ate two full plates) then we met my parents and Sean's brother, Kyle, down at the landing. My dad made sure that Mizzou won the college fight song competition at the piano bar! (Fight tigers, fight for ol' Mizzou...)

On Saturday, we helped Sean's mom pack up some more things from her Branson home and get it ready for the incoming renters. Beth is starting her PhD program at the University of Arkansas this fall and will be moving to Fayetteville in a couple of weeks. We are so proud of her lifelong desire for learning and for holding a high value of education! We might join her in Fayetteville this time next year when Sean starts his masters!

Sunday was great...we had breakfast with Sean's dad, then went to church at Woodland Hills. The message was awesome...that God is in control of all of our lives, even the times of struggle and grief. God sends those 'disruptions' to teach us lessons and remind us of our great need for Him. As a type A personality, I'm constantly trying to control my own life...to no avail, of course. We had lunch with longtime friends and mentors Steve and Kara Shank. It was wonderful to catch up on what's going on and get to hang with their two beautiful little girls, Payton and Langley. After spending time with them as well as Sean's brother and his wife, Jess, we wished we lived closer. This weekend Sean will be busy with the MU cheerleaders and I will be going on a float trip with sorority girlfriends!

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