How many bones are in the human body?

205. We think. According to trivia night, the answer is 206, but Sean challenged the question because your sacrum and coccyx fuse as an adult. Sean and I played on a trivia team as a fundraiser for the local Young Life chapter and had a blast! The other members of our team were girls from my 20-somethings Bible study and their spouses. Sean and I love putting our (sometimes useless) knowledge to the test, and this was a perfect setting for that! We came is 2nd place, which we thought was pretty good considering the young age of our group.

This weekend has been really busy! The MU
cheerleaders were in town practicing this week, so Sean was busy working with them. I'm interning with our church here in Columbia and this week is Kids Quest...the kids are on a quest to find the True King and gain knowledge of His kingdom. So many people have put in hours and hours of time into this event and I'm confident it's going to be awesome! I'll post pictures next week of all the fun!

Saturday night Sean took me on an impromtu date night...we went to a new Japanese grill
here in town called Kobe (it was delicious!) and then to a movie. It was great to spend some time
together while being intentional to learn more about what's going on in our heads individually. Sometimes we feel that all we talk about is what there is left on the to-do list or what we are doing in 3 weeks that we forget to live in the NOW as husband and wife. We are certainly still learning a lot about marriage and through God's grace it's strengthening our relationship every day.

Sean's daddy just came in...off to dinner!

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