2500 miles, 12 days, 7 states, and 1 speeding ticket later...

...we're finally home!! What a fun couple of weeks Sean and I have had! After I finished my internship I spent a few days in Branson, which worked out perfectly because I was able to make Kristel's going away party. (She got a job near San Antonio...we're so excited for her!) Here are a couple of pics from her Texas-themed party. We got her a banner that said "Kristel is boot scootin' it to Texas! Good Luck!"

Me and my brother, Austin.

Sean and I made a trip to Colorado and spent the first couple of nights with my Aunt Pam at their awesome home in the mountains. They were close to our rafting trip, which was great. We rafted the Royal Gorge...the weather was perfect and the water was awesome. Wouldn't it be so great to wake up to this view every day!?

We snapped a pic off of their deck just before we headed to the cabin in San Isabel for a few days alone.
Sean in front of the cabin. Sean's maternal grandparents bought this cabin in the 80s and it has been a fun vacation spot for his family for many years. It was really fun to hear Sean share stories from his past family trips, but to also experience as our own little family for the first time.

This is a view of the little town in which the cabin is located, called San Isabel. We took a morning walk around the lake, which is why it's still a bit foggy out. My handsome husband. One of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing how happy he was to be in the mountains!

We hiked to the top of Greenhorn, a mountain about an hour from the cabin. Sean was really encouraging to me as I was struggling a bit in the high altitude conditions.

We decided it was important to us to make another swing through Branson on the way home to see some family and friends we weren't able to see the previous week. We had a nice dinner with Sean's dad, breakfast with his brother and sister-in-law, then we had a wonderful visit with one of our favorite families, the Rapps. It's always so fun to meet with them...we miss them like crazy sometimes!
Tomorrow I start my last year of school (for now, anyways). I will have to confess that I'm not super excited for school to start again, but I do know that the sooner I start, the sooner I will finish. The school year is always a busy season for both Sean and myself, so we don't get to see each other as much as we would like. I'm praying for peace about our future and learning to trust deeper in God's timing.
I'm off to the pool to enjoy some of my last few hours of freedom... :)

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